Nonstop, Useless Tim Tebow News Has Begun

Andrew BromstedtContributor IIJune 12, 2013

Tebow lost in a sea of professionals.
Tebow lost in a sea of professionals.Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

I graduated college a month too early. Imagine a drinking game that consisted of taking a quarter-sip every time any major sporting network says "Tebow." (Great, now they've got me saying it.)

It needs to stop. One more Tim Tebow question in Bill Belichick's press conference yesterday and I swear he was about to go "Rodney Harrison" on everyone. 

Has the NFL become this boring—when news outlets far and wide have to beat the dead horse that is the signing of a quarterback that threw for 39 yards last season?


There has even been scrutiny directed at the Patriots' front office, with some going so far as to call the signing an act of desperation—such as's James Walker.

This begs the question, who is more desperate? The team that had easily the most potent offense in the NFL last season signing a third-stringer for no guaranteed money, or certain members of the sports media that are using their "professional" platforms for trolling New England Patriot fans over a deal that will likely have minimal impact on the outcome of the upcoming season.

If this were a team that had finished under .500 anytime in the past decade, I would get it. If this were a team that didn't have Tom Brady as a starter, I might understand all the buzz because Tebow would have a fool's chance of lining up under center. As a Patriot, there's no chance of that happening. 

I get why it happened last year. He worked wonders with the Broncos in 2011 and beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs. A lot of people thought he would take over for Mark Sanchez and talking about that made some sense.

But now? He won't be snapping the ball. I don't know what would compel Belichick and McDaniels to run the Wildcat; their run game is good enough and the Patriots are loaded at the running back, wide receiver and tight end positions. Unless Brady gets injured, it just doesn't seem like there will be a place for him on the field unless it's garbage time.

Of course, if there's one team that could find a place for him, it's the Patriots, who have time and time again taken undrafted players and molded them into fan favorites and difference-makers. While Tebow, a Heisman winner and first-rounder, did not go undrafted, his stock certainly sank to that of those who did during this offseason.

Nevertheless, as Belichick continues to play chess with the checkers players holding the microphones, it's a better call to just sit back and wait until the season starts before we all begin speculating.

Frankly, the best thing that could happen to Tebow is a year on the sideline learning the playbook. That way, the former Jet will be out of the spotlight (hopefully) as he learns how to better himself under one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game. 

With that, a word of advice: Unless you want to hear monotonous, unrelenting piffle about the newest Patriot, turn off your television until the fall.