Orlando Magic Positions that Must be Upgraded before 2013 Season

Jonathan Munshaw@@jon_munshawCorrespondent IJune 12, 2013

Point guard Jameer Nelson is aging, leaving the point guard position up for grabs on the Orlando Magic.
Point guard Jameer Nelson is aging, leaving the point guard position up for grabs on the Orlando Magic.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Usually, when a team has the No. 2 overall pick in the draft of any sport, it means they probably didn't do very well the previous season.

Such is the case of the Orlando Magic, who had a solid chance to win the No. 1 overall pick in June's NBA draft but ended up at No. 2.

After finishing with a 20-62 record, the Magic are at the bottom of the league and must use the draft and free agency this offseason to improve their roster if they hope to rebuild to get back to the team they once were.

As head coach Jacque Vaughn begins his second season in Orlando, he'll need a lot of help on the personnel side of things, especially considering it finished 24th in the league in points per game and 24th in the league in points allowed per game.

Now, the Magic are looking to rebuild, and they need to start with these three positions.


Power Forward

When Andrew Nicholson is starting at power forward for your team, you have a serious problem.

Nicholson is entering his sophomore season in Orlando and started 28 games with the Magic, taking over the starting spot after Glen Davis broke his foot in January.

Prior to that injury, Davis was the everyday starter at power forward for the Magic.

Davis was far more effective than Nicholson, averaging 15 points and seven rebounds per game. However, Davis missed a number of games this year due to injury and will be turning 28 midway through next season.

Also, prior to this year, Davis never averaged more than 11 points or five rebounds per game, leaving his ability to keep up his numbers from this year in question.

Heading into the 2013-14 season, Davis should definitely be considered the starter, but the Magic really need to consider picking up a backup or a younger power forward to play behind Davis in the event he gets injured again or his age starts to show and his numbers decline from this season.

Nicholson is a fine bench player, but should he need to fill in again the Magic would much rather have someone else in the starting role rather than Nicholson. Orlando certainly doesn't have too much cap room, but they could draft power forward Anthony Bennett in the draft.

Having a younger player, with more upside than Nicholson, play behind Davis would greatly help the Magic in the rebuilding process. It is much easier to rebuild with someone like Bennett, who is only 20, versus starting Davis every day.



While center certainly isn't the most pressing need for the Magic, having just Nikola Vucevic isn't going to be enough. 

Vucevic is certainly a solid defensive player, leading the team in blocks with one per game and rebounds with 11 per game.

The 22-year-old Swiss player was also very consistent, starting 77 games and averaging 13 points per game. 

However, the only person who could play center behind Vucevic is Kyle O'Quinn, who only played in 11 minutes per game and averaged only four points per game this season.

This would be more of a free-agent acquisition, but Orlando really needs a backup center. 

Vucevic has only played two seasons in the NBA, so there's not really a track record for how he'll play next season. 

If he were to go down with injury or decline from this year, there wouldn't be anyone except Davis, who would be playing power forward, who could fill in at center.


Point Guard

Certainly no one area needs to be improved more than Orlando's point guard position. 

The Magic made a solid attempt to improve that position midway through the season when they traded J.J. Reddick and others to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Beno Udrih, who started at point guard toward the end of the season. 

Udrih didn't do much to qualify himself as a bona fide starting point guard, averaging only 10 points and six assists per game. Other than Udrih at point guard, the Magic also have the 31-year-old Jameer Nelson, who is still currently under contract for $8.6 million 

Although Nelson averaged 14 points and seven assists, he only shot 39 percent from the floor, and he obviously isn't going to be getting any younger.

With the No. 2 pick, the Magic may want to consider taking point guard Trey Burke out of Michigan.

Burke would bring a huge offensive presence to Orlando, averaging 18.6 points per game in his sophomore year with the Wolverines.

Almost every offense in the NBA runs through the point guard, and Udrih would make a great backup, but Burke would bring star power back to Orlando that it lost when Howard left.


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