A Million Boos Won't Change The Fact Kyle Busch Is The Real Thing!

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A Million Boos Won't Change The Fact Kyle Busch Is The Real Thing!
(Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)

Maybe the sport has moved past the old guard , maybe the so called "base" are still holding on to the past.

When I hear those boos I still don't understand why, but those boos may just be the ones that will renew the sport.

There are still a couple of names  from the past who are running without much success.

This sport needs these young dynamic personalities, I think the sport understands it needs the younger fans to keep those advertisers painting their names on those hoods.

Also it needs to quickly diversify, it need to be serious about it, they need to stop talking and get it done.

Woman need to be part of the stock car grid as do African Americans and Hispanics.

Take a walk in the local Mall and you can clearly see consumers at the stores are a diverse population, all types, big and small, brown and black , asian and white.

Advertisers have a clear understanding of this and as advertisers budgets get smaller they will spent it where they can get more bang for their buck. Agree?

Kyle Busch is a financial gift to NASCAR, he came a at a time when a superstar with a huge personality is urgently needed.

Is Kyle Busch the savior of all in stock cars? of course not, but it will sure help.

So keep on booing until you can't boos no more. The sport thanks you.

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