Knowshon Moreno Remembers Former Denver Broncos CB, Darrent Williams

Bryce BedingerContributor IMay 3, 2009

The newly added Broncos players recently picked their jersey numbers. Alphonso Smith chose No. 33, Robert Ayers chose 56, and David Bruton selected number 30.

Yet the most interesting choice of a number to me was Knowshon Moreno, who took the No.  27. Or should I say, asked for it.

Darrent Williams—a previous CB for the Broncos—was shot and killed 2 years ago. After that, Williams' number was put on a hiatus in remembrance.

So when Moreno asked the Broncos if he could wear the number 27, they were unsure. Broncos facility called Darrent Williams mother, Rosalind Williams, to ask permission to use the number.

The Williams family gave Moreno the blessing of letting him use the number, on one condition. They told Moreno that if he wore the number, he would have to donate a few hours each month of his time to the Darrent Williams Teen Center, a facility built to honor Darrent Williams Memory.

Moreno showed up at minicamp Friday with the No. 27.

Moreno made plans to talk with Rosalind Williams about working at the teen center, and promised that he would honor the number.

And it may sound weird, but things like this push me to believe that Knowshon will do well in Denver, and that he's dedicated to the team.

I'm excited to once again see the No. 27 playing in our stadium.