Kosuke Fukudome: Six Game Totals

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Kosuke Fukudome: Six Game Totals
Kosuke has been excellent so far. Heck of a way to debut with the home run on Opening Day (plus the first-pitch double), followed up by more solid baseball.

Here are his numbers for the first week of 2008

G 6
PA 24
AB 19
H 8
R 5
BI 5
2B 3
3B 0
HR 1
TB 14
BB 5
HP 0
SO 4
AVG .421
OBP .542
SLG .737

SB 1
CS 0

PO 17
A 0
E 1

Obviously, one week is meaningless, but this is fun. Here's how he ranks in various categories in the National League. Many of these are ties.

BB 7
TB 11
R 12
RBI 13
H 13
HR 19

He doesn't lead the league in anything, but he's on every leaderboard (to borrow a golf term).

From the PITCHf/x data, his plate locations

Looks very disciplined and doesn't chase a lot of pitches out of the zone(s). Kosuke does take some strikes, and has shown a slight tendency to strike out - but nothing troubling. Fukudome is seeing 3.21 pitches per PA, which is 66th out of 105 qualified NL'ers. Call him selectively aggressive, I guess.

Here's the spin movement (in inches). As with the above chart, this is from the catcher's perspective - so Kosuke is on your right.

So far, he's just seen a few fastballs from southpaws. That will change this week. He has already seen a pretty good variety of breaking stuff and fastballs from the other side.

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