Fathead Trolls Angry Reddit User by Sending Him a Tebow in New England Fathead

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 11, 2013

Image via therightscoop.com
Image via therightscoop.com

You know what kind of roommate no one wants? The kind who moves in and puts a big Tim Tebow/Jets Fathead on the wall.

Nobody likes that guy, which is why one Reddit user raised an uproar on the Internet last week when he ordered a Tom Brady Fathead and ended up receiving a giant wall sticker of the former Jets backup quarterback instead. 

The customer was furious, and the company responded by sending him every single Tom Brady Fathead design it makes—all 13 of them. However, now that Tebow has been signed by the Patriots, the company has decided to take it even further.

They’re sending him another Tim Tebow, this time in full Patriots gear (via SportsGrid).

The company’s vice president of public relations released a gleeful statement about the stunt, taking credit for the Tebow-to-Patriots move and promising to send the formerly wronged Redditor the very first Fathead of Tebow in a New England uniform that comes off the presses:

All of those rabid Tebow fans and rabid New England fans, now they all have to get along. And we feel like we started that. Now, we’ll just wait for the great, new Tebow in New England Fathead. And we’ll send it to the masses. And the first one that we send out will be to the Reddit user who started it all. 

The words are indirect, but the message is clear:  

Game recognize game, Fathead. Or rather, troll recognize troll. Fathead is turning the tables on its Tebow-Brady snafu by trolling the Redditor with the simple fact that he and any other anti-Tebow people have to accept the backup quarterback as a member of their team.

I hope you have a big wall, Reddit guy. Because Fathead is putting its Tebow on it.