Updated: Way Too Early College Football 2009 Preseason Top Ten

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Updated: Way Too Early College Football 2009 Preseason Top Ten
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So, you want to know who the top college football teams will be in 2009, do you?

You came to the right guy. I ranked the teams as objectively as I could based on their success last season and on what they have in their respective personnel cupboards heading into 2009.

Call me Mel Kiper Jr. if you wish because like Kiper, I'm changing my top ten up just a bit from my original list that appeared here a couple months back.

Of course, Kiper changes his mock draft every couple hours and players go from top five to barely in the first round causing me to seriously question his knowledge and credibility, but that's another article for another time.

Nothing to drastic will appear here.

I will just list my top ten and let the readers debate and decide if I'm right. Which of course, I know I am.

In fact, I am no less than 5% confident that 100% of those who read this article will agree with me 45% of the time, so here we go!

I've included each teams final 2008 W/L record.

No. 10—LSU (8-5)

No. 9—Virginia Tech (10-4)

No. 8—Ole Miss (9-4)

No. 7—Oklahoma State (9-4)

No. 6—Ohio State (10-3)

No. 5—Penn State (11-2)

No. 4—USC (12-1)

No. 3—Oklahoma (12-2)

No. 2—Texas (12-1)

No. 1—Florida (13-1)

A few others just outside of my preseason top ten:

Alabama, Oregon State, Boise State, California, Oregon, Georgia

That's it, that's my list.

Now, let me know what you guys think.

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