Peter Crouch: The Great Giant!!!

Yehana SteenbokContributor IApril 7, 2008

This week Liverpool has the trilogy against Arsenal.


Two of these games have already been played at the Emirates. The first game was the Champions League where Dirk Kuyt gave Liverpool the advantage as it ended 1 – 1.


The second game was a league game where Liverpool rested most of their players. Only Reina, Carragher and Skrtel started the second game.


Peter Crouch was handed a starting role for the first time in recent games, French player Damien Plessis debuted in this game. This game also ended 1 – 1.


Man of the match was Peter Crouch who scored a goal, had quite a few shots on target and helped defend as well. Arsenal were asleep for the first half of the game but then in the second half gave as good as they were getting.


A draw was a pretty fair result although for Arsenal it dented their title hopes. Wenger claims that his title hopes are not over but Arsenal may have to depend on the results of other teams.


Both Liverpool and Arsenal could have easily won the game with the chances they had. Let’s hope there’s an exciting conclusion to the trilogy on Tuesday.