Real LeBron James Calls Out Digital King James in New NBA2K14 Ad

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LeBron James' greatness has landed him on the cover of of NBA 2K14, and the first look at the new game comes in the form of a commercial with LeBron talking to himself—well, the video game version of himself.

It's an attempt by the 2KSports folks to show off the graphics for the "next generation" consoles that are supposed to be the closest rival to the real-life LeBron compared to anything else out there.

They look great and all, but is it really that much of an improvement over 2K13? There's no reason to be down on the game for any kind of misstep yet, but I'm not seeing anything drastically different that should warrant being called "next generation."

The commercial goes on to show LeBron calling out his video game self to see whether or not he can do the things that real life LeBron can do, and video game James comes through.

As the commercial switches over to the actual game footage, which is apparently not the prerenderings that they tend to use in commercials, it does look to be a slight step up from last year's game.

2KSports is, of course, butting up against an actual rival for the first time since 2009.

NBA Live is returning this fall, teaming up with Kyrie Irving for the return of the franchise that was once on top of the video game basketball world, but fell out of favor near the end of the last decade.

Video game LeBron James looks like another solid step forward for the 2K franchise, although it doesn't really seem like the huge step forward that it has been made out to be.

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