Final Grades for Every Golden State Warriors Starter in 2012-13

James PearsonCorrespondent IJune 13, 2013

Final Grades for Every Golden State Warriors Starter in 2012-13

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    The NBA season ended for the Golden State Warriors a few weeks ago. Now with the school year over as well, this marks a fitting time to hand out final grades.

    What a season it was for the Warriors, as it was for every starter over the course of the season.

    Outside of the final few games when David Lee and Stephen Curry were deterred by injuries, all the Warrior starters progressed as the season wore on, right to the final buzzer.

    Each one of them earned solid grades for their stellar performance this year, and here is how each of them graded out. 

Andrew Bogut

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    Andrew Bogut was just about everything that the Warriors could have asked for in the postseason. It just would have been nice if he were as good, or even on the floor, during the regular season.

    He was “who we thought he’d be,” providing defense and rebounding in the middle of Golden State’s defense.

    Injuries kept him to just 32 games in the regular season, and his numbers were among the worst of his career. However, in the playoffs, and hopefully going forward, Bogut will be a difference-maker in the post.

    If the Warriors can get the Bogut we saw in the postseason for 82 games, or at least 60-plus games next season, the Warriors should be able to continue at the pace they appear to be on.

    Grade: C+

Festus Ezeli

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    Festus Ezeli was a nice surprise as the last pick in the first round.

    He was asked to do a lot more than he or anyone else had anticipated, but he responded well. He manned the center position while Bogut was out and did a respectable job.

    His numbers were nothing to look at. That's why they are not listed here, as they do not tell his entire story. He played hard every night, supplying very good defense.

    He struggled offensively and got himself into foul trouble often, but overall, he had a nice rookie season.

    He looks like he will be a nice backup for years to come, even if his offense never evolves.

    Grade: B-

Stephen Curry

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    The only reason Stephen Curry didn’t receive an "A+" is that, after twisting his ankle in the Game 3 loss against the San Antonio Spurs, he never looked the same—and neither did the Warriors. Outside the un-Curry like final postseason games, what else could you have asked from him this year?

    He averaged 22.9 points, 6.9 assists, 1.6 steals and 3.5 threes a game on top of playing the most exciting brand of basketball in the NBA. 

    He was so good that, no matter how he plays next season, there is a feeling he will be making his first All-Star appearance. Although if missing the All-Star Game elevated his performance in the second half of the season, let’s hope he gets snubbed again.

    Grade: A

Klay Thompson

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    Klay Thompson vastly improved after his rookie season.

    All of his offensive numbers went up except for his shooting percentage, but that is expected with the increase in minutes and shot attempts.

    He and Curry made 483 three-pointers, earning the nickname "Splash Brothers." Regardless of how you feel about that moniker, the fact is it came from being one of the best shooting backcourts of all time this season.

    While he does tend to attempt bad shots, he still sank 211 three-pointers. As he progresses, shot selection is something that will improve.

    As good as his offensive game was, his impact on defense was even better.

    He became the Warriors' best perimeter defender. With Bogut out for most of the year, he was the best defender among the starting five.

    Klay played to about a "B" grade all year. He leaves room for improvement by not fading in key stretches and making better shot selections.  

    Grade: B

Harrison Barnes

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    Harrison Barnes had a solid regular season. He had respectable numbers, highlight-reel dunks and the look of a rookie who is going to be a solid player in the NBA.

    Then the playoffs started.

    Whether it was the bigger stage or the fact that David Lee was out, Barnes looked like he could be a superstar in the league.

    His points-per-game average jumped almost seven points, and his rebounds nearly doubled in the postseason. He also proved he could play the stretch 4, which is a very intriguing prospect for the Warriors going forward.

    His "C" grade for the regular season combined with a grade of "A+" in the playoffs earned him a "B" for the entire year.

    Grade: B

David Lee

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    David Lee had as good a season as any other Warrior in the last 15 years. It was better, if you want to go by All-Star appearances.

    He was as consistent as anyone in the NBA this season. He was a double-double machine. Golden State counted on him to be this for the entire regular season, especially with Bogut gone for most of the year.

    He has a minus next to his name because he missed nearly the entire postseason, and for the fact that the team played well without him.

    After seeing the maturation of Barnes in the playoffs, it will be interesting to see how all the pieces fit together next season. 

    Grade: A