FIFA 14: EA Reveal Next Generation Gameplay Trailer at E3 2013

Nick AkermanFeatured ColumnistJune 10, 2013

Image courtesy of Electronic Arts.
Image courtesy of Electronic Arts.

Following on from the recent reveal of FIFA 14's new features, EA Sports has debuted a next generation trailer at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013.

With both Microsoft and Sony pulling back the curtain on their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hardware, respectively, it's time for football fans to begin considering how the new technology will shape virtual sport. As usual, EA held a press conference alongside the console developers to showcase the company's upcoming array of games.

Although FIFA 14 was only discussed for a few minutes, EA certainly flaunted enough to whet the appetite. Rapper Drake entered the stage to introduce the upcoming title, discussing his love for football and adding another famous face to the franchise's list of supporters.

The Canadian's slightly bizarre and tenuous appearance quickly subsided for a run through of new features from General Manager and Vice President of Football at EA, Matt Bilbey. Before I rabbit on, take a look at the speedy presentation below:

Despite the lack of in-game footage, it's great to finally see FIFA 14 under the spell of next-gen power. As detailed here, momentum is now destined to play a huge part in each match, and this can be seen from the close-up shots that were displayed.

Various clips of the Barcelona team in action highlight the small differences that will make the Xbox One and PS4 versions stand out. Realistic weight has been added to each professional, meaning agility and shifts of balance can maintain the ball when under pressure. Your teammates will also analyse the space ahead of play and create openings for attack, as hinted at by Xavi in the presentation's introduction.

Bilbey quickly discussed "Living Stadiums" and FIFA 14's authentic atmosphere. While EA recently confirmed the entire crowd will be made up of 3D models, the gameplay trailer showed repeated fan designs that will hopefully be implemented a little more believably once the final product arrives.

Unfortunately, Ultimate Team and other game modes received no attention at all. EA recently signed an agreement with Microsoft to bring exclusive Ultimate Team content to the Xbox One, but E3 was apparently not the time to show it.

Amongst all of the excitement, EA Sports confirmed on Twitter that it has more FIFA 14 announcements to make "through the coming months." Please don't tease us with that Ultimate Team reveal, EA.

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