Neymar Is Ready to Lead Brazil to Confederations Cup Trophy

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Neymar Is Ready to Lead Brazil to Confederations Cup Trophy
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Neymar has been the center of attention of soccer fans across the world for the last few weeks. From his decision to transfer to Barcelona to World Cup qualifying, there isn’t a soccer player whose name has been in the news more than Neymar’s.

The young Brazilian has been one of the biggest names in soccer for the last few years, garnering massive attention over his highly-anticipated transfer. But before he joins the likes of Lionel Messi and Dani Alves at Barcelona, he will lead Brazil at the Confederations Cup.

Some fans don’t believe Neymar has lived up to the hype when playing for his country, as he was booed at Brazil’s latest friendly at home against Chile. But Neymar brushed off the Brazilian fans when he told reporters that he really doesn’t care what the fans think, because he knows what he can do on the soccer field.

Neymar couldn’t be handling this situation better. As the Confederations Cup approaches next week and Neymar prepares for his first season at one of the most intimidating clubs in the world, confidence will be a key factor in his development.

The young Brazilian has shown pride in his country and his attitude should give Brazilian fans hope as the Confederations Cup approaches and Brazil prepares for the World Cup next year.

Besides his tremendous love for his country and focus on bringing the World Cup back to Brazil, Neymar has played exceptionally well in international competition. While he may have had a rough day against Chile, the 21 year old has actually played phenomenally well while playing for the senior squad.

The Brazilian winger has taken a step forward this year by making the official transfer to Barcelona. As he continues to take on more responsibilities for his club, he will start to take on a leadership role with the national team.

The first step is the Confederations Cup. Neymar needs to lead his team to at least the championship game to not only silence his critics, but to fuel his own fire too. If he can lead his team to the Confederations Cup, a confident Neymar could be unstoppable next season for Barcelona and for Brazil as they continue to qualify for the 2014 World Cup.

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