EA Sports UFC Trailer Revealed at E3 in Los Angeles

Jeremy BotterMMA Senior WriterJune 10, 2013

Photo courtesy of EA Sports
Photo courtesy of EA Sports

The next generation of Ultimate Fighting Championship games was unveiled at today's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. 

We saw our first glimpse of EA Sports UFC a few weeks ago at the official reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft's next-generation gaming and entertainment console that's due out in November for a retail price of $500. 

That first glimpse was just a few seconds of game play, but today's look was far more revealing.

UFC President Dana White and champions Jon Jones and Benson Henderson took the stage in Los Angeles to help unveil the latest UFC game. 

"I'm truly honored to be doing this game with EA," White said. "The early stuff I've seen has been amazing."

Andrew Wilson, the Executive Vice President for EA Sports, was also on hand to unveil two major new features for the game, which will be released in Spring 2014: MMAi and Total Body Deformation.

While much of both features were glossed over, it appears that MMAi has to do with fight intelligence and game plans inside the cage. Jones talked about his game plan of taking Chael Sonnen down before he could do the same as an example.

Total Body Deformation is just that: Fighters in the game take the kind of damage from every strike, throw and submission attempt that they would take in real life.

After the fighters finished talking, a new trailer for EA Sports UFC was revealed. It wasn't much, but it did show off the kind of mind-blowing graphics expected from the next generation of gaming consoles.