Timeline of Every Shoe LeBron James Wore This Season

Luke Petkac@@LukePetkacFeatured ColumnistJune 11, 2013

Timeline of Every Shoe LeBron James Wore This Season

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    Behind every great superstar there's usually a great pair of sneakers. In LeBron James' case, there are a lot of pairs of sneakers. Seriously. A lot.

    LeBron showed off an extensive (and impressive) collection of sneakers this season. Most of the shoes came from his signature Nike LeBron X line, but there were a few surprises thrown in the mix as well. Like I said, there are a lot of shoes to take a look at, so let's just go straight to the first pair. 


    All dates and numbers courtesy of nikelebron.net.

No. 1: LeBron X Championship

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    First worn: 10/30/12 (vs. Boston Celtics)

    Number of times worn: One

    It's almost a pity that we only got to see this shoe (which LeBron James wore to receive his championship ring) once. The Championship version of the LeBron Xs has some pretty cool features, including a gold body and graphics on the footbed that read "Earned Not Given" (via sneakernews.com).

    The LeBron Xs are an extensive line of shoes, and the "Ring Ceremony" sneaker is one of its best.


No. 2: LeBron X Black/Red

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    First worn: 11/2/12 (vs. New York Knicks)

    Number of times worn: Eight

    In all honesty, LeBron James might have the best shoes in the league just because the Miami Heat colors—usually a combination of black, red and white—almost guarantee a great colorway.

    This shoe being Exhibit A. 

No. 3: LeBron X Home

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    First worn: 11/3/12 (vs. Denver Nuggets)

    Number of times worn: 30 

    LeBron James wore the Home version of the LeBron X line far more than any other sneaker, which is fortunate since it's a pretty good looking shoe.

    The sneaker comes in multiple colorways, and while its simple design doesn't contain anything too flashy, it's still a great shoe for a great player.

No. 4: LeBron X Pressure

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    First worn: 11/9/12 (vs. Atlanta Hawks)

    Number of times worn: Five

    Somewhat ironically, this is by far the year in which LeBron James has faced the least amount of pressure. 

No. 5: LeBron X Veteran's Day

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    First worn: 11/11/12 (vs. Memphis Grizzlies)

    Number of times worn: One

    Exactly how these shoes relate to Veteran's Day is a little unclear, but hey, at least they look good.

No. 6: LeBron X Carbon

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    First worn: 11/15/12 (vs. Denver Nuggets)

    Number of times worn: Five

    Not a lot of players seem to wear all-black shoes anymore, and considering how nice the LeBron X Carbon looks, that's a problem.

No. 7: LeBron Ambassador V Inline

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    First worn: 11/29/12 (vs. San Antonio Spurs)

    Number of times worn: One

    The Ambassador V is part of LeBron James' Asia-exclusive footwear line (via solecollector.com), so you're unlikely to ever find it retailing in the States. Sorry, guys.

No. 8: LeBron X Lava

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    First worn: 12/6/12 (vs. New York Knicks)

    Number of times worn: One

    Wish LeBron James would have worn this more.

    The Lava is one of the rare shoes that isn't too crazy in terms of its theme (it's not an all-orange shoe, for example), which makes the bits of color that are there look even more striking in contrast to the grey body. 

No. 9: LeBron X Christmas

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    First worn: 12/25/12 (vs. Oklahoma City Thunder)

    Number of times worn: One

    I'm still waiting for the LeBron X Hanukkah.

No. 10: LeBron X Portland

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    First worn: 1/10/13 (vs. Portland Trail Blazers)

    Number of times worn: Three

    The Portland version of the LeBron Xs are essentially an inverse of the Red/Black sneaker we saw earlier.

    And as a fun fact—the first time LeBron wore these sneakers this season, he snapped a 54-game streak in which he scored at least 20 points (via nikelebron.net).

No. 11: LeBron X 20K 5K

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    First worn: 1/16/13 (vs. Golden State Warriors)

    Number of times worn: One

    For those of you wondering how this sneaker got its name, LeBron James wore it on the night he became the youngest player ever to eclipse 20,000 points and 5,000 assists.

No. 12: LeBron X Matte

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    First worn: 1/17/13 (vs. Los Angeles Lakers)

    Number of times worn: 10

    Remember what I said earlier about how black, red and white make for really cool colorways? Yeah, that applies here, too.

No. 13: LeBron X Black Suede

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    First worn: 1/27/13 (vs. Boston Celtics)

    Number of times worn: Two

    When most people think of suede, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't a pair of basketball shoes, but it apparently works for LeBron James.

No. 14: LeBron X Bright Red

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    First worn: 1/30/13 (vs. Brooklyn Nets)

    Number of times worn: One

    I could go into detail about these sneakers, but the name pretty much says it all. Basically, they're bright red.

No. 15: LeBron X Red Suede

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    First worn: 2/14/13 (vs. Oklahoma City Thunder)

    Number of times worn: One

    You have to imagine that LeBron James wore these for Valentine's Day, because to be honest, they're not much to look at.

    The Bright Red LeBron Xs were okay, but the suede sneakers looked better in the black colorway.

No. 16: LeBron X All-Star

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    First worn: 2/17/13 (All-Star Game)

    Number of times worn: One 

    Not all of the crazier LeBron Xs turned out well this season (just wait for the LeBron X MVPs later), but these are just awesome.

    The purple is nice, but the real highlight is the crimson and grey on the midsole. Why that isn't the pattern for every one of the LeBron Xs is beyond me.

No. 17: LeBron X Prism

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    First worn: 3/1/13

    Number of times worn: One

    If anything, the Prism could actually use a little more color. T

    he multicolored lining and mudguard look great against the grey, but from certain angles the shoe looks pretty drab. It's a cool concept either way, though.

No. 18: LeBron X Carmex ID

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    First worn: 3/3/13 (vs. New York Knicks)

    Number of times worn: One

    It's nearly impossible to look at this shoe and not think that it belongs to this guy.

    Apparently, LeBron James felt something was off too, as he only wore this sneaker for part of a game before switching to the next shoe on the list.

No. 19: LeBron X Grey/Red

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    First worn: 3/3/13 (vs. New York Knicks)

    Number of times worn: Two

    The Grey/Red LeBron Xs aren't anything to write home about.

    Honestly, the best thing about them is probably that they're not the Carmex IDs. Those things are a little too bright for their own good.

No. 20: LeBron X Silver/Red

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    First worn: 3/10/13 (vs. Indiana Pacers)

    Number of times worn: One

    These shoes are very, very shiny and also come in a slightly different colorway. And that's pretty much all I've got to say on the matter.

No. 21: LeBron VI Fairfax Away

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    First worn: 3/20/13 (vs. Cleveland Cavaliers)

    Number of times worn: One

    These LeBron VIs were one of the few shoes LeBron James wore this season that weren't a part of the LeBron X line.

    But what's really interesting about them is that they look sort of like a dress shoe that someone just decided to make into a basketball sneaker. Interesting stuff to be sure.

No. 22: LeBron X Pewter

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    First worn: 3/20/13 (vs. Cleveland Cavaliers)

    Number of times worn: Two

    The LeBron X Pewters are actually just a pair of the LeBron X Silver/Reds, but without all the glitter. That's what it looks like, anyways.

No. 23: LeBron X White/Grey

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    First worn: 4/6/13 (vs. Philadelphia 76ers)

    Number of times worn: One

    The LeBron X White/Greys can be a bit tough to distinguish from some of his other colorways because of their simplicity, but they're a nice pair of shoes, nonetheless.

No. 24: LeBron X P.S. Elite Turquoise

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    First worn: 4/12/13 (vs. Boston Celtics)

    Number of times worn: One

    This is the first shoe of the Elite series that LeBron James wore this season, and it's fairly nice-looking considering that the primary color is turquoise. As was mentioned earlier, some of the LeBron X colorways get a little crazy, but this is definitely one of the nicer efforts.

No. 25: LeBron X Jade

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    First worn: 4/12/13 (vs. Boston Celtics)

    Number of times worn: One

    These are almost certainly the first pair of jade-colored sneakers I've ever seen, but I'm crazy about them. The fact that LeBron James has only worn these once is criminal.

No. 26: LeBron X P.S. Elite Home

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    First worn: 4/21/13 (vs. Milwaukee Bucks)

    Number of times worn: Five

    This is one of the best examples for how the design of the LeBron Xs—all the different patterns and jagged edges—can lead to some cool colorways. In this case, the white band separating the red middle and the black edges coming off from the midsole make for a really nice shoe.

No. 27: LeBron X P.S. Elite Matte Grey

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    First worn: 4/23/13 (vs. Milwaukee Bucks)

    Number of times worn: Two

    I'm personally not a fan of the grey and black look, but maybe that's just me. And to be fair, LeBron James has played reasonably well both times he's worn this shoe.

    Though that probably has more to do with LeBron than it does the sneaker itself.

No. 28: LeBron X P.S. Elite Away

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    First worn: 4/25/13 (vs. Milwaukee Bucks)

    Number of times worn: Four

    Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of great pictures available for this pair of shoes, but hopefully you can get an idea of what they look like here.

    And now that the Miami Heat are heading to San Antonio, LeBron James is sure to be wearing these more, so you'll more than likely be able to see them in action so long as you're tuning into Game 3.

No. 29: LeBron X P.S. Elite Alternate

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    First worn: 4/28/13 (vs. Milwaukee Bucks)

    Number of times worn: Three

    The LeBron X Elite Alternates are similar to the original Red/Black LeBron Xs, but with a slightly more jagged pattern that looks phenomenal in red and black.

    Which once again proves the point that any shoe will look good in some combination of red, white and black.

No. 30: LeBron X MVP

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    First worn: 5/6/13 (vs. Chicago Bulls)

    Number of times worn: One

    What's really great about these is just how unique they are. It's very rare that you see an interesting color pattern like this, and it's really enhanced by the...okay, I'm sorry, I can't do this.

    These look awful. Really awful. They look like clown shoes. Maybe they are clown shoes. I don't know. I hate them. Let's move on. 

No. 31: LeBron X P.S. Elite Grey/Red

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    First worn: 5/13/13 (vs. Chicago Bulls)

    Number of times worn: Two

    This photo's a bit blurry, but if you can't tell, the Elite Grey/Red is very similar to the standard Grey/Red, but it has a solid grey middle and a red Nike swoosh.

    Not a bad shoe, but not nearly as cool as...

No. 32: LeBron X P.S. Elite White/Black

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    First worn: 5/22/13 (vs. Indiana Pacers)

    Number of times worn: One

    Now this is a shoe. The specks of white in the black trim on the midsole and middle aren't too glittery, and the colorway looks razor sharp even though it's primarily just black and white.

    If you don't like the Elite White/Blacks, then you should know that this is what LeBron James was wearing when he hit his game-winner in Game 1 against the Indiana Pacers (and recorded a triple-double to boot). Which proves...something, I'm sure.

No. 33: LeBron X P.S. Elite Finals

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    First worn: 6/6/13 (vs. San Antonio Spurs)

    Number of times worn: One

    The final pair of sneakers on the list are, fittingly, the LeBron X P.S. Elite Finals.

    Whether the San Antonio Spurs or Miami Heat win this year's NBA Finals still remains to be seen, but it's going to be one hell of a series, and LeBron James was rocking one hell of a pair of sneakers to kick it off.

    What a season.