5 Ways the Payback Theme Could Be Represented at WWE Raw

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5 Ways the Payback Theme Could Be Represented at WWE Raw
Daniel Bryan has been looking for revenge on everyone (image courtesy of WWE.com).

Considering WWE’s next pay-per-view has been named Payback, it is surprising how little the actual theme of revenge is being portrayed on the card.

There is certainly an argument that Ryback is seeking retribution. He feels slighted by John Cena after being abandoned to take on The Shield alone. However, there is a counterpoint to be made that Ryback has already exacted his revenge by turning on Cena.

The other two announced matches—CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho and the Intercontinental Championship affair—are rivalries, but there isn’t really a personal motive. 

Jericho may be looking for payback after losing to Punk several times last year, but it is evident that this match is really a device to get Punk back on television. In fact, it looks more personal between Jericho and Paul Heyman without the history of the situation being known. 

The Intercontinental match is simply a case of three men wanting to be champion. That is one of the founding principles of professional wrestling, so no one can really consider it as payback for anything.

Tonight’s Raw is a perfect opportunity to make some contests that feel more personal, leaving the audience with no doubt that one wrestler in any particular match is wanting to gain revenge on his opponent.

Here are five possible ways this could happen.

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