Former College Ballplayer Gets Posterized During Work Meeting

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Productivity just got posterized

It was just another day in the office for Wellington Smith until a grown man in a dress shirt dunked all over him, via Lost Letterman.

A former standout on the West Virginia University basketball team, Smith has moved on from playing basketball as his main gig. Clearly, the sport isn’t quite ready to let go of him.

The 6’7” man was minding his own business at a small company meeting when two of his broworkers (bro coworkers) decided to make things interesting. Setting up a camera, the two conspired to create Internet greatness by slamma-jamming all over the former small forward on video. 

The scene starts as any modern American meeting in the name of business—a couple of people jacking around while everyone else is trying to get stuff done. Smith is trying to stay on task, but the game of miniature basketball his broworkers are playing calls to him.  

After taking a halfhearted swing at a block, Smith decides to be a team player and turns his focus to the discussion between his colleagues on the couch. Bad idea.

Seeing the big man is distracted, the two hoopsters (who are most likely named Jeff and Todd) seize their opportunity and go for posterizing gold. The trash can comes out, the approach is made and CLANG! Smith ends up covered in all kinds of dunk. 

Clearly, these bros had been planning this for some time, and the victory “Wooh” issued by the guy in the flannel (who I’ll assume was Wm. Spencer Wright) was the final ingredient for this batch of jam-bolaya. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Smith might have been in on it, too. According to his LinkedIn account, he’s the director of basketball marketing for a company called GameChanger, which specializes in sports statistics and scorekeeping software for athletic teams.  

So there you have it. If #posterizing hadn’t gone completely viral yet, it just did. With that, I'd like to issue a general public safety reminder: Keep your head on a swivel, America—and always go up strong.

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