Which Swat Was Better, LeBron's Denial of Splitter or Hibbert's 'Melo Rejection?

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Which Swat Was Better, LeBron's Denial of Splitter or Hibbert's 'Melo Rejection?
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LeBron James nailed down the most highlight-able moment of Game 2 with a monstrous block on Tiago Splitter, but how does it match up with the best block of the postseason?

If you recall, the block of the postseason up to this point involved Roy Hibbert and Carmelo Anthony, the big man rejecting the smaller man at the rim at a pivotal moment in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Anthony lost his defender and drove to the rim with the Knicks up by two points with just under five minutes to play. Hibbert, rotating over from the weak side, just barely leaped in time to meet Anthony at his apex, thwarting his dunk attempt.

Not only was it the best block of the postseason (up to this point, at least), but it was also one of the best blocks of the year.

It was such an important and epic send-back that Hibbert actually hung a picture of it up in his man cave.

However, can it hold its own against LeBron's monstrous block on Splitter from Game 2?

LeBron was able to size up a driving Splitter, picking the perfect time to race out from under the hoop and absolutely annihilate his confidence, sending the ball and a few tears back in the other direction.

It was...powerful.

So which is better, The Swatting of Splitter or The Cancellation of Carmelo?

It seems the reaction from the Twitter crowd was mixed, as expected.

The argument that LeBron's block on Splitter was more impressive because of the size difference between the players involved in the two blocks is definitely legitimate.

However, I'm still on the Hibbert train for this one.

Who had the more bodacious block?

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Without discounting how amazing LeBron's was, he was given ample time to anticipate Splitter's attempt while brooding beneath the rim.

Hibbert, on the other hand, was busy keeping an eye on Tyson Chandler and just barely saw Anthony's cut to the rim while looking over his shoulder.

He had to turn around and actually jumped a bit later than he should have in order to block the shot. Hibbert was barely able to get his hand up and in front of the shot before Anthony got to the rim, and even had to hold strong as his hand bent backward toward the hoop.

Plus, Hibbert's block came during a two-point game with just five minutes to go; LeBron's was near the tail end of a run that had the Heat up by 19 points at the time.

The two are incredibly close because of the size difference between the players, but the situation Hibbert was in puts his rejection over the top for me.

But hey, I'm just one vote. Maybe you guys have some different opinions.

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