LeBron James Denies Tim Duncan With Skying Fingertip Block

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJune 9, 2013

LeBron James didn't have a stellar first half against the San Antonio Spurs, but he did have one of the most intense highlights of the first 24 minutes, getting up just enough to send a shot back at Tim Duncan.

With Duncan getting the ball deep in the post, it's generally a given that he's getting a shot off and it's probably going to go in.

However, LeBron had a different idea as he comes from the weak side, out of nowhere as far as Duncan is concerned, to get a few fingertips on the shot.

LeBron could probably block a man on stilts...

— ESPN (@espn) June 10, 2013

Duncan realized just a second too late and wasn't able to adjust enough to get his trajectory just a tad higher, allowing LeBron was able to send it back.

Sure, LeBron gave a bit of a shove to Duncan's shoulder on their ascent, but it was a pretty solid block nonetheless.

LeBron had just four points in an extremely lackluster first half, but his block on Duncan was an energizing point of the second quarter.

As the game wore on, LeBron continued to remain passive, but it was to the benefit of the Heat as the rest of the team seemed to get into a groove.

That groove turned into a 33-5 run and the Heat were able to win by 19 points, tying the series at one game apiece.