Jack Swagger's WWE Career Is at a Dead End

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 9, 2013

Swagger with his manager Zeb Colter (from WWE.com)
Swagger with his manager Zeb Colter (from WWE.com)

It's a little surprising that Jack Swagger's WWE career turned out so bad.

On paper, the 31-year-old has got everything Vince McMahon could want in a main eventer.

He's tall, blessed with a great physique and his real-life amateur wrestling history helps gives him a tough-guy aura and credibility than many of today's performers simply lack.

And while he's not exactly The Rock on the mic, he's still a perfectly competent talker who has shown flashes of greatness in the past. "It tastes like freedom!" he memorably gloated about a specially-made "Swaggie" sandwich during one of his first, and best, promos as World Heavyweight champion in 2010.

And who can forget the greatness that was the Swagger Soaring Eagle?

Swagger really can be funny when he tries. No wonder his fine technical wrestling skills and sense of humor led him to be compared with a young Kurt Angle by some.

Alas, Swagger hasn't matched the success of Angle. In fact, he has never really come close.

Following his short World title run in 2010, the former ECW star faded from relevance, floundering in the mid-card for a couple of years.

Then, of course, he was taken off television for several months and repackaged, coming back earlier this year as the silent, and xenophobic, muscle-man for Zeb Colter.

His first feud was, unsurprisingly, with new World champion Alberto Del Rio. WWE was, as WrestlingInc mentioned, intent on turning the Mexican wrestler into the next Eddie Guerrero or Rey Mysterio.

Of course, Del Rio was a total flop in the lead babyface role, something that hindered Swagger. Even taking out the crass nature of his gimmick, how can you get over as a heel when no one likes the guy you're going up against?

No wonder the Del Rio/Swagger program was such a disappointment.

Not that the wrestler is blameless here.

On February 20, just a few weeks into his the biggest push of his career, he foolishly got himself arrested for DUI and marijuana possession. TMZ had all of the embarrassing details, as well as the inevitable mugshot, posted within hours.

What was he thinking? It'll be surprising if WWE ever decides it can trust him again after that debacle.

Swagger has been somewhat forgotten about in recent times. He's been out with a nasty hand injury, as WrestlingInc notes.

Besides, his trial over the DUI charges is coming up soon, as PWTorch mentions. It probably wouldn't be too smart for WWE to feature him in a prominent role right now anyways, considering the bad press Swagger might get during the trial.

So, what is Swagger's WWE future? More importantly, does he even have one?

Well, obviously you can't say anything with 100 percent certainty. But it has to be said: at this point, things don't look promising at all.  A gimmick that isn't over, a booking team that is barely behind him and an embarrassing arrest—all of it indicates that Swagger's WWE is completely dead.