Triple H Does Not Need the Focus in WWE

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 9, 2013

Triple H (photo from
Triple H (photo from

Well, it had to happen.

Yes, despite being well into his 40s and only working a part-time wrestling schedule, Paul "Triple H" Levesque is once again the focus of WWE.

This was abundantly clear during Monday's Raw, which was centered heavily on the Triple H character and his heated on-air clashes with his family members.

Per the storyline, the still-concussed Triple H wants to ignore his doctor's opinion, and rush back in the wrestling ring to take on new foe Curtis Axel.

Triple H's wife Stephanie and his father-in-law Vince McMahon are understandably concerned about this and have banned "The Game" from in-ring competition for the time being, much to the chagrin of him and the fans.

OK, this angle is bad

Stephanie and Vince were seemingly presented as the heels in the Raw opening segment, even though their actions are, in fact, very justified.

How does being worried about a loved one's health make you the villain anyway? Wasn't Stephanie totally spot on when she scolded the booing fans for only thinking of Triple H as a wrestler and not as a husband or father?

There's also the bad message it sends: Triple H is being presented as a tough and determined hero because he doesn't want to listen to the doctors and sit things out for a while.

You have to wonder what someone like Chris Nowinski, who has worked extensively over the last decade to expose the dangers of concussions in sports and convince people in power to take them seriously, thinks of this. 

But even taking out the wretchedness of the angle, the simple fact is in 2013 Triple H should not be the focal point of the company's flagship show.

There are the obvious reasons.

He's 43 and will soon to be too old to put on the world class wrestling performances fans are used to. He needs to concentrate on his duties behind-the-scenes as he and Stephanie prepare to take over the company one day. Both are perfectly valid points.

But there are other things to consider too.

First of all, who says viewers even want to see Triple H take up tons of air-time on Raw?

This week's Raw was specifically built around the McMahon family drama and, as F4Wonline notes, the result was an absolutely abysmal 2.6 rating.

Oh, dear. Even factoring in the stiff NBA competition that number is still rotten. 

There was a time when Triple H, Vince and Stephanie meant something to ratings but that time may have passed. Right now, all they are good for is badly acted, melodramatic segments that seem like something out of a mediocre day-time soap opera.

Besides, what exactly is the purpose of Triple H still being one of the top names of the company and hogging up tons of air-time? As an established main eventer and multi-time World champion, he certainly doesn't need to get more over.

It's not like new talent are getting the rub from him either.

During her promo on Raw, Stephanie made a point of saying that "Curtis Axel is beneath Triple H" and that he simply wasn't worth her husband's time or effort.

Um, OK. Way to make the third-generation star look totally unimportant there, Steph. 

Of course, it's possible we're being too harsh on Triple H and the McMahons.

Maybe this current concussion storyline will turn around and end up being great. Maybe Axel will be the one who retires the COO for good, establishing him as a mega-star. Who knows?

But, really, for the sake of the company, it might be time for Triple H to take the spotlight off of himself and let some of the new guys, like Daniel Bryan and The Shield, shine.