Which Will Last Longer: The New Age of Randy Orton or the Support He Holds?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 12, 2017

As with everything else in life, nothing can last forever. While the current WWE Champion, Randy Orton might be the man of the moment, how long will the support he's gathered in recent months last?

We are all well aware that a great majority of wrestling fans have attention spans shorter than the height of Rey Mysterio. Yet no amount of cheap jokes I throw your way will change the reality that Randy Orton currently faces.

The fact is, Randy Orton is the greatest performer in the industry today and he would hold that distinction with or without the support of his current legion of Ortonites.

The high praise that has been showered upon this third generation Superstar was almost non-existent a year ago.

The original Age of Orton may have been greeted with the relief that stemmed from the end of the WWE's darkest age (The unstoppable era of John Cena) but was quickly dismissed as impatient wrestling fans yearned for something new.

How many of you were thrilled to see Triple H defeat Randy Orton at Backlash 2008?

Probably a great many of the same people who welcomed the new Age of Orton as Triple H was punted out of relevance at Backlash 2009.

Randy Orton might be the hottest thing going today but make no mistake about it, the day will come when a great many of the Randy Ortonites will turn on their beloved hero and place their hopes and dreams upon a Superstar far less talented.

That in and of itself, is a form of backwards evolution.

Our own personal inability to sustain any extended form of devotion towards one man will bring fourth the demise of Randy Orton's popularity. As a matter of fact, there will come a day when everyone hates Randy Orton once again.

There will come a day when Randy Orton will be viewed as the stale-sickness as opposed to the fresh-hotness.

The greater question would be to ponder which will come first.

Will the people who have supported Randy Orton turn their backs on him before or after he loses the WWE Championship?

Or will they turn their backs on him when in-fact, he does lose his WWE title?

We've all loved watching The Viper hunt down and destroy everyone in his path to attain the WWE Championship. Will we remain excited to see him crush the hopes and dreams of the next lineup of Superstars who hope to make a name for themselves at his expense?

Essentially, will the excitement that is lost from no longer seeing the hunt mutate into a personal distaste for the man who seeks to keep things just as they are.

Yet How are they?


The WWE is currently locked into a state of shibumi (effortless perfection if you will) although many of the WWE faithful might not feel that way a few months down the road.

I myself am permanently stuck on the Randy Orton band-wagon because I might have very well built the vehicle. I loved Randy Orton long before anyone had much of anything nice to say about him.

Rest assured, I'll be here long after his hype dies and his championship reign ends.

The greater question is that when that times does come, where will you stand?