FIFA 14 Improvements Video Game Fans Can't Afford to Miss

Pete SchauerCorrespondent IJune 9, 2013

Image courtesy of EA Sports website. (
Image courtesy of EA Sports website. (

EA Sports continues to find new and innovative ways to deliver the most realistic gameplay to its users, and it's certainly no different with FIFA 14.

IGN video game expert Daniel Krupa was fortunate enough to test the game out and provide some of his insights from EA's 2014 edition of its hit soccer game. 

Even if you're not the biggest soccer fan, this is the type of visual masterpiece any video game enthusiast or sports fan can enjoy.

Let's take a look at the trailer for FIFA 14, as well as some of the most notable improvements and new features.


Ball Protection

Similar to being able to box your man out in the NBA2K series, the minds over at EA Sports have now given players more control over retaining possession of the ball.

According to Krupa, you can shield the ball with your player's body by utilizing the LT/L2 buttons on your controller. Whereas in the older versions you could only shield the ball when your player was stopped, you can now do it while your player is on the move.

This feature directly coincides with the rating of a player's physicality in the game. The more physical your player is, the better he'll be at keeping position and fending off the defender, and vice versa.

While this isn't necessarily an earth-shattering change to the gameplay, it definitely adds to the realness and makes the game more competitive. 



The sprint option obviously isn't a new addition to the FIFA franchise, but the way it's used, as part of the new "Precision Movement" feature, certainly is.

This option allows users to transition smoothly from a jog to a sprint, as the player will begin sprinting and kicking the ball ahead of him when carrying the ball. It's a quick and powerful burst of speed that allows the speedier players to hold the advantage, but that doesn't mean it can't be defended.

Get too ahead of yourself and you could knock the ball into the teeth of the defense and cause a turnover—it's very similar to the breakaway feature in the NHL series that EA produces.

The new and improved sprint feature also allows for tighter pivots and for the players to shift their weight more easily, allowing for quicker turns and more speed to get behind the defense and create scoring opportunities for your team.


New Shot Types

As EA works on improving gameplay, it aimed to help its users in the most popular way in its 2014 version: shooting.

FIFA 14 looks to make shots as realistic as possible, and they've done it through a system called "Real Ball Physics," which affects the trajectory of the ball just as it would move in real life, according to EA Sports' FIFA 14 site.

Whether you're looking to use finesse or trying to send an absolute rocket past the goalkeeper to put a score on the board, the improvements in EA's 2014 version are sure to stand out.

Perhaps one of the coolest features is that players will adjust their strides in order to deliver a shot—a shot that may be off-balance due to heavy defensive pressure.

By the looks of it, if you're a fan of FIFA 13, it won't be long until you switch over to the 2014 version. 


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