A Letter to the WWE: Please Turn Jack Swagger Face

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistJune 8, 2013


Dear WWE,

Please turn Jack Swagger face. He has done all he possibly can as a heel, and that has not been much. When he returned with his "Real American" gimmick, people were not interested. When he won the Elimination Chamber match, many were outraged. Although he and Alberto Del Rio had good matches, the overall feud was a bust and definitely should not have happened at—what you call—the "Grandest Stage of Them All."

Jack Swagger is a great talent and has the tools to be a commodity for the WWE. However, if you keep booking him as a heel, you will continue to keep him on the train of irrelevance. He has exhibited some level of excellence in various matches throughout his career and has even been World Heavyweight champion. Despite this, he has stayed a heel, and it has created a glass ceiling for him.

Speaking of being the World Heavyweight champion, this alone shows how Swagger just does not work as a heel. You even tried to make him more serious, coming out with a straight face and cutting promos. Didn't work.

Before that, you had him win the ECW Championship to propel his career—only to be sabotaged years later by the likes of Santino Marella. He even defeated Chris Jericho and Edge in a triple threat match, as well as Randy Orton, but he still couldn't garner enough steam to be a credible champion.

In a last-ditch effort, you brought Dutch Mantell in to be his spokesperson as Zeb Colter. This actually worked, but Colter's popularity eclipsed Swagger's push, which did not help him develop his character. Yes, he had some legal troubles that subsequently derailed his push. However, just like his run in 2010, it would have been forced.

The best option for you right now is to count your loses and turn him face. Zeb Colter can really be used to propel his career. Only this time, give Colter a new client to feud against Swagger. There are many midcard talents that can feud against him and even someone can be called up from NXT.

Consider Kassius Ohno. Ever since he set foot in WWE/NXT, he has been popular due to being widely known from his work in ROH with Antonio (Claudio Castagnoli) Cesaro. The problem is, there has not been a good angle for him in order to bring him up to the main roster.

Well, here is your opportunity. It would immediately thrust Ohno onto the scene due to his alliance with Colter as well as give Swagger a worthy opponent to become a solid babyface for the company.

WWE, I truly hope you consider this, because Jack Swagger's America is currently filled with boards and vacancy signs.


Chris Featherstone, spokesman for the WWE Universe


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