Odom Can Be the X-Factor to the Lakers Championship Quest

jack nussCorrespondent IApril 7, 2008

The Los Angeles Lakers have had so many struglles up to this point and have had injuries to key players all year long. But still, Kobe Bryant has led his team to an spectacular 53-24 record, and despite all the challenges like bynum going down, the pinky injury to Kobe, Gasol getting injured for 10 games and guys just going in and out of the lineup, the lakers have found a man that can help kobe consistently. For the first time in his career, Lamar Odom has sparked the Lakers ,and it all came to a head when he burst out with a 31 point effort against the mavs. He then followed it up with 16 in the next game on 19-22 from the field combined, he has always come through for the Lakers in this time of the year. If you glance back at 05-06 when Odom had 3 triple-doubles in 7 games and averaged 20 points in the playoffs through the tough 7 game series against the suns ,and last year also averaging 19 points and 15 rebounds in the first round against the suns ,and now he is making the case again, and not too much longer then two weeks ago in the home-in-home games against the warriors where he sparked the lakers with a amazing 45 points and 44 rebounds combimed in the 2 games.

Odom he will be huge again for the lakers in the playoffs, and he is showing that he is much more valubale then people think he is because he gets it going in the right time, and now with gasol and 3 time nba champion derek fisher and homecourt advantage odom can finally have the impact on the team results ,and people would finally realize that the lakers are satcked with 4 potential all stars and will be the most dangerous team in years to come ,also thinking about the youngsters this team has and the progression they make from year to year and the best coach in nba history, and now odom will finally be able to get what he deserves is team playoff success wich he has not had over the past 2 years despite his terrific numbers ,so i recomend that the league should watch out because odom is clear for takeoff and he has one goal in mind and that is to win a championship and he will do everything he could to bring the title to L.A.