Why Triple H Can Help WWE's New Stars

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJune 14, 2013


Triple H is one of those guys who gets great reactions whenever his music hits and he appears on the stage, and he always gives it his all in his matches. But for some reason, the Internet hates him.

However, in the case of Curtis Axel, I would say that fans who claim Triple H buried the kid, or stole his spotlight, are wrong.

Why are you wrong? Because everyone was talking about Curtis Axel the next day. If Triple H stole his spotlight, then why were we all talking about Curtis Axel?

Some were even talking about how this kid is awesome in NXT, and how he deserved to beat Triple H clean.

Beat Triple H clean? In the debut of his new character on WWE television? He's a Paul Heyman guy, but he's not Brock Lesnar.

He didn't need to beat Triple H. All he had to do was dominate the veteran for a little while and people would be talking about him the next day. And that is exactly what happened.

The next week he faced John Cena, and he recently defeated Chris Jericho, albeit with a little help from Paul Heyman's clever use of CM Punk's music as a distraction.

The buzz surrounding the third generation star is something that could have only happened by having a brush with a veteran like Triple H.

Any Superstar would probably tell you that a loss in your debut to a legend is better than a win over some local jobber, as long as you looked good losing.

And Axel didn't even lose. Heyman got to claim that Axel gave Triple H such a beating, regardless of his encounter with Brock Lesnar the previous night, that he couldn't continue the match. That is so much more valuable to Axel than a win over Sin Cara.

Whether you like him or not, Triple H is a future Hall of Famer who has had an incredible career. Yeah, he has beaten a lot of people. So has every other legend.

You don't get to be at the level Triple H is at without winning a ton of matches. Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin and Ric Flair have "buried" plenty of people in their heyday, the Internet just didn't have a loud enough voice to tell them that at the time.

Triple H was on his way to the top way before he married the boss's daughter. If you don't believe me, go back and watch DX rise to greatness while he was with Chyna.

He is a 13-time champion, who has also lost the title 13 times to other Superstars. He also has a losing history at WrestleMania with a 7-9 record, at one point going four straight matches at the event without a win.

  • WrestleMania 29 vs. Lesnar Win
  • WrestleMania 28 vs. Undertaker Loss
  • WrestleMania 27 vs. Undertaker Loss
  • WrestleMania 26 vs. Sheamus Win
  • WrestleMania 25 vs. Randy Orton Win
  • WrestleMania 24 vs. John Cena and Randy Orton Loss
  • WrestleMania 22 vs. John Cena Loss
  • WrestleMania 21 vs. Batista Loss
  • WrestleMania 20 vs. Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels Loss
  • WrestleMania 19 vs. Booker T Win
  • WrestleMania 18 vs. Chris Jericho Win
  • WrestleMania 17 vs. Undertaker Loss
  • WrestleMania 16 vs. The Rock, Big show and Mick Foley Win
  • WrestleMania 15 vs. Kane Loss
  • WrestleMania 14 vs. Owen Hart Win
  • WrestleMania 13 vs. Ultimate Warrior Loss

Triple H has only missed one WrestleMania since WM13, and he has lost to plenty of people at the event, including Undertaker on three non-consecutive occasions. 

It is easy to guess at how much power Triple H has behind the scenes, and whether or not he uses it to keep himself in the spotlight, but the fact of the matter is that Triple H sells tickets.

The IWC smarks like myself like to think we know what is best, but the truth is that Triple H is very popular among kids, casual fans, and long-time fans who just like the product for what it is and don't try and put too much thought into what they are watching.

He puts butts in seats and sells a lot of t-shirts. That is more valuable to WWE stockholders than a five-star match.

Simply by interacting with young stars like Curtis Axel, Triple H is giving them a huge boost in exposure. Plenty of wrestlers who weren't given a big debut were gone before we even had a chance to learn their names.

When you get put in the ring with Triple H in the debut of your new persona, you immediately have the attention of millions of fans, even if you lose.

Which I will once again remind you that Axel did not. Just because Triple H was the guy shown when the show went off the air doesn't mean he stole his spotlight.

Every big star has their Internet critics, but Triple H seems to have an unfair amount. Maybe people don't like a guy who marries the boss's daughter, but who are we to judge whether or not they love each other? We don't know them.

They have three kids together, work together, and seem to be one of the healthier couples in the entertainment industry. People fall in love at work all the time, why do people have to assume it was anything but that in this case?

Was Lita trying to climb the ladder by dating Matt Hardy or Edge? Are either of The Bella twins gold-diggers when it comes to dating Daniel Bryan and John Cena? Probably not.

Triple H is not the best wrestler, the best talker or the best entertainer, but he is a damn good wrestler, talker and entertainer.

Anyone doing the same character for 20 years will start to feel repetitive. Ask Kelsey Grammer if Frasier still felt like a fresh character in season 11 of Cheers, let alone season 11 of Frasier (both awesome shows, by the way.)

There are a lot of young Superstars who could benefit from some time in the ring with Triple H, even if they are losing to him, because just being in a match with Triple H means someone important thinks you deserved to be in a match with a top superstar like him.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts below. Follow me on Twitter @BR_Doctor.


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