WWE Games Face a Serious Newcomer in '5 Star Wrestling'

Adrian FylonenkoFeatured ColumnistJune 9, 2013


Serious Parody, the creator of the award winning strategy game for iPhone and iPad, Wrestling Manager, is generating huge waves in the gaming world. It recently announced the release of the downloadable PlayStation 3 title “5 Star Wrestling,” for later this year. The game combines strategic decision-making, exciting game play and humor in a full-blown 3D wrestling experience, which has recently received praise from IGN.

Not only will the wrestlers act and react realistically, but the guys behind 5 Star Wrestling put a lot of their focus on Ring Psychology, which will influence gamers to be more invested and excited about the ever moving storylines, rather than just relying on the exhilarating action. It's the perfect blend of wresting and storytelling.

A few of the game modes include: Quick Play, Exhibition Matches, Challenges and Weekly Events, and of course, there will be newly updated downloadable content. Also, there will be in-game currency that the gamers can use to purchase unlockables and other special items.

Last month Serious Parody demonstrated an innovative new approach to the "Limb Damage System". Now, it is back and has revolutionized the all-important "Finishing Move System".


5 Star Wrestling Brings Finishing Moves Galore To Gamers

The Finishing Move System has seen very little change in wrestling games over the years. Whether you're playing WWE '13, TNA Impact or a classic like No Mercy for N64, the objective is the same: build up a momentum bar and when your player is in the correct position, unleash your most powerful move and go for the pin.

5 Star Wrestling puts a fresh twist on the traditional Finishing Move System while simultaneously adding in a few layers of much needed strategy and realism to the genre by introducing "Quick," "Power," "High Risk" and "Tired" finishing moves.


How It Works

Like in most wrestling games, everything your player does throughout the match will have a cumulative effect on his momentum/stamina meter. When the momentum meter is full, the player will have a short window of time to use his finishing move.

Under the correct conditions, your player will have just enough time to use:

2x Quick Finishers


1x Power Finisher

Power Finishers will cause far more damage than a single Quick Finisher, but combining two Quick Finishers in a row will cause more damage than a single Power Finisher. Using this strategy will put players in the best position to win. Simple enough, right?


Why It's Realistic

Trying to perform a Power Finisher when you are too tired will cause the player to trigger a Tired Finisher instead of a Power Finisher. This will result in a significant amount of damage to your opponent but will leave both players on the floor. Thus, you may not be able to fully capitalize on hitting your big move.

Combining finishing moves also carries a huge risk because you are giving your opponent a second chance to reverse a finisher, which could prove to be a costly mistake.


High Risk Finishers

Risk takers have their own unique type of finishing move, but as the name suggests, there is a high degree of risk involved. Players who execute their High Risk Finishers will cause far more damage than the standard Quick Finisher. In the event that your player misses, he will inflict a large amount of damage upon his own body and find himself in a very vulnerable position.

Imagine Jeff Hardy performing a 30 ft. Swanton Bomb off a Ladder onto his opponent who is lying on a table. If you hit the move, it will cause a significant amount of pain to your enemy, but if you miss, expect to have some broken bones when you eventually wake up.


Drama and Anticipation

The reason Tired Finishers occur in wrestling is to build drama and tension during the match. The audience will cheer for its favorite Superstar to get back to his feet whenever you see both wrestlers laying exhausted on the mat. If either wrestler manages to make a pin attempt, the referee will deliberately count slowly in order to further build the crowd's anticipation.

When this happens, both players will frantically tap their buttons in a race to get back to their feet. The first competitor up will gain momentum which will give him an advantage over his opponent. This creates genuine drama and anticipation during game play.


Stop the Repetitions!

If you play WWE '13 or any wrestling game for that matter, you can play for hours and your wrestler will continue performing the same moves at a high level of consistency. It doesn't matter how exhausted or beat up your player is, he'll execute the exact same repetitive animation which breaks the illusion of authenticity.

As mentioned earlier, each finishing move in 5 Star Wrestling has three states (Tired, Power and Quick) and because every wrestler has multiple finishing moves (which can often be carried out from multiple positions), you are less likely to see the same animations over and over again.



The innovative dynamics of the new Finishing Move System help add a layer of all-important strategy to game play. This new feature creates scenarios that make for entertaining matches and prevent animations from becoming repetitive.

The Tired Finishers help create drama and anticipation while bringing much needed authenticity to the genre. Combine these new aspects with the Limb Damage System and you have one hell of professional wrestling game that hardcore wrestling fans will be drooling over.

Not bad for a small indie developer!

5 Star Wrestling is developed by Serious Parody Ltd in Dundee, Scotland and will be released exclusively on the PlayStation Network later this year.

The company’s first title, Wrestling Manager, is available now exclusively for iPhone.

For more information, follow the 5 Star Wrestling team on Facebook and Twitter.


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