WWE Payback 2013: US and Tag Team Titles Should Be Defended in a 6-Man Tag Match

SMGAnalyst IIJune 8, 2013

The Shield should defend the U.S. and tag titles in one match at Payback (photo courtesy of wwe.com).
The Shield should defend the U.S. and tag titles in one match at Payback (photo courtesy of wwe.com).

Since WWE has not announced a United Sates or tag team title match for Payback, The Shield should defend both titles in a six-man tag match against Team Hell No and Randy Orton.

Ever since losing the tag titles to Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, Kane and Daniel Bryan’s partnership has been uneasy. Team Hell No’s feud with The Shield did not end after Extreme Rules, but it has incorporated Randy Orton.

Without a legitimate foe, Dean Ambrose and Orton have the opportunity to put the United States title on a new level.

When I suggested this match, a lot of comments dealt with Orton being demoted to a midcard title. If Orton isn’t in a World title picture, isn’t a midcard title better than a meaningless feud with the Big Show?

Speaking of Orton, he has been having issues with Kane and, even more so, Bryan during this feud with The Shield.

On the June 7 edition of SmackDown, Bryan and Orton teamed up against Rollins and Reigns. Although it was an odd booking decision to split Team Hell No and have one member team with Orton, it became obvious that the Viper is part of this feud now.

This feud may lead to a heel turn, but the inclusion of Orton makes one wonder who exactly will be joining the dark side. Will Orton finally become the heel that he has been begging to return to? Or will Bryan return to the evil character that made him into one of the most popular Superstars in WWE?

Either way, a six-man tag match at WWE Payback will help the storyline progress helping The Shield as well.

During that tag team match involving Orton, Bryan, Reigns and Rollins, it was Ambrose who interfered and caused a disqualification. It is not uncommon to see a member of The Shield interfere to save his group mate from losing cleanly.

In a six-man tag match, all three members of The Shield would be legal and able to help one another retain their respective titles. Speaking of which, both the United States and tag team titles would have to be on the line since the match would be taking place on pay-per-view.

WWE could make the match even more intriguing using a creative stipulation.

The obvious choice would be to have the stipulation that if The Shield loses, then Orton becomes U.S. champion and Team Hell No regain the tag titles. However, a more creative solution is to make the six-man tag match an elimination match. That way, Bryan has the possibility of becoming U.S. champion.

The likelihood is that an elimination match would not happen. Also, it would be surprising to see The Shield lose any of these championships at this point. They are among the hottest commodities in WWE, and their reigns have only lasted a month so far.

Still, with so much uncertainty with Bryan and Orton’s characters, a six-man tag match would be much more intriguing to watch than two separate matches.


Do you think WWE should book The Shield’s title defenses in a six-man tag match at Payback? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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