Dwight Howard's Awful Free Throw Parabola Gets Burned by Jeopardy Question

Zach BuckleyNational NBA Featured ColumnistJune 7, 2013

This was supposed to be the good time for Dwight Howard.

His debut season with the Los Angeles Lakers, a "nightmare" in his own words, met its unsightly demise more than a month ago. All of the disastrous storylines emerging from the 2012-13 season (multiple injuries, reported rifts with Kobe Bryant and Mike D'Antoni, his worst statistical season in seven years) should have been behind him.

After months of hearing how he was the reason behind L.A.'s disastrous season, he was finally ready to hear how he could be the answer for so many different franchises. The free-agent center is no worse than a top-two target (along with Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul) for any potential summer spender.

But apparently someone over at "Jeopardy" wasn't quite ready to let Howard off the hook.

The long-running game show took a jab at Howard's free-throw struggles, suggesting that a more narrow arch may be the key to his issues at the line.

He's never been confused for being a charity-stripe marksman (career 57.7 percent), but the last two years have been particularly painful to watch. And no, that's not a reference to the ailment that necessitated his back surgery in April 2012.

After holding his free-throw percentage above 59.0 in six of his first seven seasons, Howard's now posted back-to-back years of sub-50 percent shooting in the last two. His 49.2 "success" rate last season was discussed ad nauseam by the stunned Staples Center faithful.

While the 2012-13 season is over for Howard's Lakers and 27 other teams in the league, it's clearly not forgotten.

What is throwing salt on an opened wound, Alex?