Jake Peavy's Hand: Newest Subject of Substance Abuse

Justin ShepardsonContributor IApril 7, 2008

Jake Peavy's great start to '08 has now come with some scrutiny. Saturday video images caught what appears to be some dirt on the reigning NL Cy Young award winner's hand. Peavy who in two starts so far this season has gone 16 innings  struck out 12 batters while giving up only five hits and one run. Oh, and that one run came on a ruling that probably could've gone either way, when Josh Bard slid into the dugout making an amazing catch with Rafael Furcal on third which in the rules allows the runner to advance one base. So the question is, is Peavy getting extra movement on his pitches with this dirty? Peavy who claims that it was nothing but regular old dirt had this to say, 

"Anybody that wants to check me, feel free. There's nothing on my hands that's not supposed to be. I thought it was funny that it was such a big deal. I've got no problems with anytime anybody needs to check me.

"I can't imagine my hands being that dirty. That being said, you're hand doesn't look clean when you're out there. Obviously I pick up rosin, pick up dirt, I do hit."

Some might end up believing some may not, but what it all comes down to is what Major League Baseball says and if this is enough evidence to suspend one of today's young great stars or do you let something like this slide as we did the steroid issue?

The Last time we saw anything like this was with Kenny Rogers in the 2006 World Series, in which after the second inning he wiped off his hand claiming that it was "a clump of dirt" yet there was further evidence from prior games that maybe Rogers had done this before. Major League Baseball did nothing then and once again I have a feeling they won't do anything this time, so lets wait and see how far the rest of the pitchers in Baseball will take this window of opportunity to get an competitive edge. Maybe Chicks don't dig the long ball quite like they used too and maybe now it will be the "K-ball."