Ranking the Biggest Offseason Needs for the Philadelphia 76ers

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IIJune 8, 2013

Ranking the Biggest Offseason Needs for the Philadelphia 76ers

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    Each passing day brings the Philadelphia 76ers closer toward having to address their biggest offseason needs.

    The majority of mediocre teams turn the corner toward greatness over the offseason. It is the one time each year when a team has time to work on its flaws and get to the next level.

    Philadelphia is facing a decisive offseason where people are unsure about who will get drafted, traded or re-signed. On top of that, it is currently going at this without a head coach.

    So let's play general manager for a bit and rank the Sixers' biggest offseason needs.

6. A Good Draft Pick

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    The Sixers will select their next prospect with the No. 11 pick in the 2013 NBA draft, and they need to get this one right.

    It might not feel like they can get much of an impact player from their draft spot, but this year's pool of candidates is filled with role players. There are, however, a select few with the potential for future stardom.

    Drafting one of those stars wouldn't necessarily be getting the pick right, though.

    This selection is all about the best fit for the Sixers.

    If their pick's ceiling is only as a role player, then he needs to be the right role player. If their pick's ceiling is as a star, then he needs to be the right star.

    It all sounds so repetitive, but Philadelphia is at a crucial point and needs to get the rest of its moves correct.

    We'll find out if the team can do that come draft time.

5. Growth out of Philadelphia's Young Core

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    Philadelphia's current core consists of Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young. If you're still optimistic, then you can throw Evan Turner and a certain someone that might re-sign with the team.

    The point is, all of these players will be 26 years old or younger by the start of next season, and there needs to be a visible improvement in all of their games.

    Last year's offseason saw Holiday go from an up-and-coming prospect to a soon-to-be superstar. The change felt like it happened overnight, but it also showed everybody how much a player can grow in such a short amount of time.

    Young's transition into one of the most unselfishly efficient players also took place over the same offseason. He even did it all while playing out of position.

    The Sixers can't get stuck in the same position as this past season. They need to get better and move forward.

    An improvement out of their young core is a vital step toward making that happen.

4. Signing the Right Sixth Man

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    The value of the right sixth man is best appreciated when that guy is no longer on the team.

    Philadelphia didn't value Lou Williams as much as it should have, and the team ended up losing him to the Atlanta Hawks this past offseason. The Sixers might have thought they were only losing another player, but it ended up being significantly more.

    Nick Young was chosen as Williams' replacement, and the result was almost painful. Philly missed the mark with this one, pretty much in the same way as Young missing the mark on so many of his shots.

    After a season off, it's time for Philadelphia to acquire the right sixth man.

3. Finding a Franchise Center

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    There is one major weakness in Philadelphia's makeup, and it lies at the center position.

    It's an ongoing trend, too. Go back and look at previous rosters and you'll see a distinct lack of centers among those who played with Philly.

    What better time to change that than this offseason?

    One of those potential players happened to be a part of the roster this past year. Andrew Bynum's name will continue to come up until he's either re-signed or no longer a member of the organization.

    His future could dictate whether or not the Sixers find that franchise center or not.

    If they want to get to where they want to go, then a quality big man will be crucial toward getting there.

2. Resolving the Sixers' Future with or Without Andrew Bynum

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    This is obviously a continuation of the last slide, but Bynum's situation with the Sixers needs to be resolved before Philadelphia has any chance of moving forward.

    There is pretty much an article written about him every day. He is a supremely talented player with glass knees and a possible personality problem, but his skill set could outweigh everything.

    This is a classic tale of both the Sixers and Bynum having the potential to help each other out or bring each other down.

    Only time will tell.

1. Finding the Right Head Coach

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    None of the previously mentioned objects of offseason importance can really be decided without the right head coach.

    Philadelphia had the right coach in Doug Collins in order to get them back to a competitive team, but not the right guy to take them all the way.

    It's time Philly finds him.

    Some may feel as though the Sixers are taking too long in finding their next coach, but they also might be waiting until the right one is available. Certain prospects are, or were, coaching teams in the playoffs, and it forced Philadelphia to wait on contacting them until their season had officially ended.

    Now that all but two teams remain, will we finally find out which guy Philly wants?

    Everything on this offseason list takes a backseat until a new head coach is chosen.