Damien Sandow's Character Would Have Thrived in the Attitude Era

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 7, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

As a stark contrast to the irreverence and juvenile humor of WWE's Attitude Era, Damien Sandow would have been a great fit during the company's most successful period.

Sandow's gimmick may have fans thinking first of the late '80s and early '90s, as it is reminiscent of Lanny Poffo as "The Genuis," but it would have been fun to have seen him opposite the likes of D-Generation X, Steve Austin or The Rock.

Placing the self-proclaimed "Duke of Decency" in WWE's most indecent time period would have provided for an intriguing opposition. If he thinks he has it tough now trying to add grace and refinement to the company, imagine him trying to do that with Austin soaking rings with beer, Triple H doing the crotch chop or Al Snow's strange relationship with Head.

Juxtapose popular phrases of the time like "suck it" and The Rock’s constant discussion of shining objects up, turning them sideways and so on with Sandow's pompous approach to language and the conflict writes itself.

Fans got a taste of what it would have been like for Sandow to perform in the Attitude Era when D-Generation X reunited on Raw 1000.

He claimed that if Shawn Michaels, The New Age Outlaws and company were to pound him into the ground, he would be a martyr, not a victim. D-Generation X did, of course, smack Sandow around, and the audience loved it.

Were Sandow born several years earlier, he could have been a continual hit with the crowd in this fashion.

WWE could have used this as a running joke. Austin, The Rock, D-Generation X or The Godfather could have their promos interrupted by Sandow. "The Intellectual Savior of the Masses" could do his usual holier-than-thou shtick and receive a drubbing for his troubles.

Seeing Sandow taking Austin's Stunner or The Rock's Rock Bottom on a regular basis would have been entertainment in the vein of Kane's run-ins with Pete Rose or 911 chokeslamming folks in ECW.

Alternatively, WWE could have had Sandow feud with some of the era's stars, amplifying their crassness by contrasting it with Sandow's formalist ways. Too Cool, Goldust and the Acolyte Protection Agency would have all been interesting foes for him.

Sandow's gimmick is one that would adapt well to any time period. His pretentiousness would have been fun to hate in just about any era. Condescension is a longstanding WWE tradition dating back to the days of Gorgeous George.

Sandow carries on that tradition today, but he might have preferred being in the heart of the period where WWE fans were most electric, even if it meant constantly being the one taking a beating.