Why Being "John" Spells Success in the WWE

Will HowardCorrespondent IMay 2, 2009

In the WWE, a lot of times your success can be based on how well your gimmick goes over, how many titles you win, or how many times you throw a "W" into the win column.

I've noticed that one name breeds success more than any other, "John."

Look at past stars with John in their names. Rocky Johnson, one of the best African-American superstars of the pre-1980's era.

You can also look at his son Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. What didn't the Rock do in his time in the WWE?

He had the perfect gimmick for himself, won numerous titles, and probably biggest of all, led fans to believe his was wrestling's messiah, only to abandon them for an easier career with less wear and tear on his body.

John Layfield, aka JBL, also enjoyed a successful run as one of the longest reigning champions in the WWE, and had a successful tag championship run with Farooq in the process.

JBL set standards for heels and did things that no mildly overweight superstar probably should've been allowed to do, but he was believable in his gimmick.

Ken Johnson, aka Slick, the "Doctor of Style," and manager of Akeem and the Big Boss Man, Johnny Jeter-(Spirit Squad), John "Romeo" Roselli, and Johnny "the Bull" Stamboli all enjoyed some measure of sucess while in the WWF/E.

Johnny Valiant and John "Earthquake" Tenta both provided a great deal for the WWE during their time in the ring and Tenta has to be considered one of the most underrated heels of all time in the WWE.

Perhaps looking at the present instead of the past to see how the name john shapes the landscape of the WWE is what's best.

John Cena is a main eventer and multiple time champion and will probably surpass "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as the most popular WWE star ever by the time is career is over.

Last and not least by any stretch is my bro-mance crush on John Morrison, the champion in waiting on Smackdown.

Is it just me, or do "Johns" really make better wrestlers? If so how come no one named Johnny Johnson has ever made it big? Would Johnny Jeter be a world champion if he last name was Johnson?

Or is this all just one big coincidence?