Real Talk: Dean Ambrose Will Be WWE's Best U.S. Champion Ever

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJune 6, 2013

Instagram!!!!! Photo by WrestleEnigma
Instagram!!!!! Photo by WrestleEnigma

Dean Dean Dean Dean!!

The United States championship hasn't been in hotter hands in years. Not since The Miz held it, anyway.

Even though it is practically worth nothing right now, the devilish Shield member should be able to take full advantage of the situation and become WWE's best champion ever.

Notice how I did specify it being WWE's best and not the best US champ ever. People tend to read so fast and then blast away on the Internet without thinking.

Dean Ambrose has a long way to go before he can rank up there with the Flairs, Stings and Austins of the world. He is young, daring and always scheming...qualities I greatly admire in a pro wrestling Superstar.

That championship has been in limbo for a while now. It was recently held by another "well-liked" of mine, Antonio Cesaro, but Creative's idea of a mid-card champion is to have them lose non-title matches every week while being fed to Cena and Orton.

The Swiss powerhouse can now move on to other things. The time has come to believe. Believe in The Shield and its most vocal representative: Dean Ambrose.

It is just what the doctor ordered. too. Not only does that group have the spotlight focused on it, the title is thrust into the much sought-after light it needs to be brought back to life.

Let's face it folks. Another Kofi reign and I was about to jump into my Spartan Race fire this past Sunday.

Now is the time to make some magic happen, people. WWE gave them championships and has given them good stories to work with. The rest is up to them.

I believe that Ambrose has the skill to exceed expectations. Taking nothing away from his partners, the man simply has that evil glare in his eyes that puts a smile on my face every week.

One can easily assume this writer has gone bananas by penciling a headline like this one but given the state of the championship and looking at the list of past champions, the bar isn't that high, now is it?

There is a lot of potential here. The word of this guy was out a few years back, how good he was and when would he make it to the main roster.

Well, he is here now and it's his time!

The spotlight is on him, Rollins, Reigns, Ziggler, Bryan, Fandango and their tarnished championships.

He will be targeted by all comers just because he will do his best to aggravate them. They will come from all sides but in the end, like a true villain, he will find a way to defeat them all.

Disqualifications, count-outs, run-ins...doesn't matter! Just win baby! And in about nine to twelve months later, when his reign is at an all time high, someone huge or unexpected will finally outsmart and outwrestle him for the 1-2-3.

That championship will have regained its luster. Simply because it was so damned hard to take away from the fiend Ambrose.

The sky is the limit for these young folks. 

If all else fails, they can just have him be the last United States champion as the other alternative is to unify it with the Intercontinental title...finally!

So far, so good though. He just needs to beat guys like Randy Orton every now and then, that should do the trick.

I know that, despite being a total "heel," Dean Ambrose has a ton of fans out there believing.

So then, believe in The Shield and all will be right with the world.

Oh and before I forget...the white T-shirt has to go!

This ain't Fruit of the Loom, son, it's Real Talk!