Seattle Mariners: Jesus Montero and the Performance-Enhancing Drugs Scandal

Todd PheiferAnalyst IIIJune 6, 2013

CLEVELAND, OH - MAY 18: Jesus Montero #63 of the Seattle Mariners walks off the field after he failed to keep his foot on the plate and allowing Jason Kipnis #22 of the Cleveland Indians to score the game winning run during the ninth inning at Progressive Field on May 18, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Seattle Mariners are making headlines for the wrong reasons. Specifically, catcher Jesus Montero is on a list of players that are allegedly being investigated by Major League Baseball for performance-enhancing drugs.

Montero is hardly the biggest name on this list, and the story originally reported by ESPN's Outside the Lines could get much bigger before anything is resolved. In general, baseball fans are mostly going to follow the stories of Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun.

What does this mean for Jesus Montero? Will he get suspended? Will a suspension derail any chance of Montero regaining his hitting stroke in the minor leagues?

Geoff Baker has some answers:

This is not the first time that Montero has been connected to the Biogenesis company. Ever since this was originally reported by the New York Daily News, there have to be fans that have wondered if this day was coming.

Nothing is official yet, but this may be the final straw for Montero. It has certainly been a tough year for the catching prospect. First, Montero struggles at the plate and gets demoted. Then, he suffered a torn meniscus.

And now, this scandal.  

What is interesting about this situation is that the fan perspective on Montero may have changed drastically since he was first connected with this situation months ago. Back then, fans might have worried that this would derail the promising career of a future star in Seattle.

Now, Montero is down on the farm, hurt, and facing a suspension. Then there is the lingering question of whether Montero is ever going to pan out. With Mike Zunino waiting in the wings, do fans care as much whether Montero gets busted and suspended?

If Montero can’t play defense and can’t figure out his hitting, what is his future?

Again, if Montero gets suspended, he will not be the biggest name on the list. He is notable since he was once in the farm system of the New York Yankees. However, most of baseball is not going to be terribly concerned if a farm hand for the Seattle Mariners gets suspended.

Still, it matters to the diehard fans in the Pacific Northwest. No team wants to have a player on this list.

As mentioned, it has certainly been a rough season for Jesus Montero. This was not how this year was supposed to work out. Montero was supposed to start putting it all together and fans were hoping that he would become a key part of the Seattle offense.

Not so much. Unfortunately, it may be that a bad season for Jesus Montero is about to get even worse.