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Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMay 2, 2009

There has been Piper's Pit, VIP Lounge, Highlight Reel, and Cutting Edge and all have left there marks in the WWE.

I have decided to have my own show, every week there will be a guest from B/R and I will speak to them. I will ask them question's on there favorite's, burning wrestling questions, and on people and things on B/R.

If you like to be apart of it let me know send me a note or leave a message on here so I can put you on the show. I will hold 1-2 shows a week.

This week on the first edition of ICEMAN we have a special guest on the show for you so let me welcome you to my new talk show on B/R with our very first guest on a historic debut.

Welcome to the Alter Ego, I'm your host "Iceman" Adrian Staehle and we have a very special guest for you on the show and we will talk about some hot topics here on the show today everything from wrestling to the people on B/R.

Iceman: I would love to welcome my guest........................ME.

Adrian: Hey thanks for inviting me on your very first show it is an historic moment for me and to be on your show.

Iceman: No problem pleasure to have you here. My first question is why the love for wrestling Adrian?

Adrian: Well I grew up on wrestling watching it with my brother and I grew to love something that was bigger than life and as I got older I still have the passion for it and it is going strong.

Iceman: That's good. Next question. Why Bleacher Report?

Adrian: I was had come across it one day and took a look at this website this perfect opportunity to get my point and opinion across anyway I could even if the people didn't like it or did.

Iceman: Do you like wear you stand with people here in B/R?

Adrian: I think I stand pretty good at were I'm at I know a few love my articles and love that I have a passion for wrestling and I appreciate them for that and thank them for enjoying my articles.

Iceman: Who do you think is the best writer here in the B/R Wrestling Community?

Adrian: It's got to be AKD, I love his writing when you read it you glued and I have read a good amount of his articles and I can't find one I didn't enjoy. The person that is second on my list is Shane Howard, he told me when I joined if I never need help with advice on here go to him and he has been a big help since I started and I like to read the humor articles he writes.

Iceman: Who rounds out the top three with the third writer on here?

Adrian: Oh no doubt JLB I mean he speaks his mind and that is what this place is for is to speak your mind I have seen his RNN articles and I have to say that is were it comes frombut I will leave it at that and he has done great as co-leader with Shane so far and I wish them best.

Iceman: What do you think of Joe Burgett?

Adrian: Well, Joe is one of those that you love to hate he has good articles, but most of them are Breaking News and we are all fast to let the news out here so I think just that alone should AKD at the top spot. I'm not taking anything away from Joe but I mean AKD to me is the better writer and you can visualize when you read and that is what a good writer does so I would like to see AKD at the top spot.

Iceman: Who are a few that you are intrested in? Writing of course?

Adrian: I was going to say Andrea and Celeste LOL, No those two have wrote good articles with a few that I like. A few other writers are that have my attention when it comes to writing like Ray, DJ, Mina, M, Tyler, and lot more and on M hey told me that he loves I have a passion for writing this stuff but you got to write from your head so I see that as positive feedback and I thank him for that.

Iceman: Do you think there are some people that don't like you at all or your writing?

Adrian: Krut, TJ, and maybe Dub.

Iceman: Who is your favorite, least favorite, and underrated superstar in wrestling?

Adrian: Favorite would have to be Flair and HBK, least favorite has to be Brock Lesnar, and underrated to me is Kane of course always has.

Crowd Wooooo's

Iceman: You have been highly criticized about the number of articles you write in one day, what do you have to say to those people?

Adrian: Nothing really I mean I was having fun with my top ten articles and getting them out the way I could have done slide-shows and they would have been much better. JLB had a joke on his RNN show but it's all fun.

Iceman: If you could compare yourself to one wrestler who would it be?

Adrian: It would have to be a mixture of people but on just basic's it would have to be a mixture of Batista and Kurt Angle with a little AJ Styles.

Iceman: Now it is time for Word Association, you can see a few words ok for the person I pick.

Crowd cheers.......

Iceman: The Rock

Adrian: Not a Sell-Out

Iceman: Flair

Adrian: Greatest of all time

Iceman: Eddie Guerrero

Adrian: Show Stealer the greatest in ring performer since Austin in his prime.

Crowd says Eddie Eddie Eddie............

Iceman: Cena

Adrian: At the top of his game right now

Iceman: Orton

Adrian: The man at the top of the WWE food chain

Iceman: Edge

Adrian: He as earned his spot with his sacrifices

Iceman: Austin

Adrian: The greatest WWE superstar ever

Iceman: Last Word Association word: The future

Adrian: WWE-Randy Orton and John Cena TNA-AJ Styles

Iceman: Speaking of AJ what do you think about TNA?

Adrian: They should stick on what got them there work the young talent on the show cause it is turning into WCW again slowly. I love Lethal, Styles, and Daniels and I think there are the future of the company but I mean there might be a future if they keep going this way.

Iceman: What are your goals in the wrestling business?

Adrian: To either become a pro wrestler, announcer, or a creative writer I see it as a goal of mine and I plan to do it.

Iceman: What do you think of Vince McMahon?

Adrian: He is the man, he is the one that works his ass of to give the fans the best show and I have th most respect for him because of the chances he has took and the things he has done.

Iceman: OK Adrian last question. Who is Adrian Staehle?

Adrian: I'm just a guy that has a love for something and is passion about it and will show it and for example what I do on here, how I write, how I explain myself, and how I do everything on here is what I do and how I do it and I will keep doing it.

Iceman: Thanks man I'm so glad you could make the time for us and hope to have you back soon.

Adrian: It's always a pleasure Iceman and I hope to be on soon.

Iceman: Well next week we will have a man that is on the rise here on B/R Tyler Williams as we will get in-depth on wrestling B/R and much more. Until next time this is the Iceman "Keep it Chill" 

Crowd cheers as show is over....

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