Help Wanted: Open Shooting Guard Position for Minnesota Timberwolves

Justin HussongContributor IIIJune 6, 2013

Imagine what kind of magic Rubio could put on display if he had a reliable shooter.
Imagine what kind of magic Rubio could put on display if he had a reliable shooter.Rob Carr/Getty Images

Attention all: Star point guard Ricky Rubio needs help.

Have you had enough of watching the Minnesota Timberwolves throw up enough bricks to rebuild the Target Center? So have we!

Tired of watching Luke Ridnour get bullied up and down the court while helplessly attempting to guard much bigger shooting guards like Joe Johnson or Andre Iguodala? We all are!

Have you resorted to pulling out your own hair after watching this franchise draft multiple shooting guards who can't shoot? Fear no more.

There is an open position available in the starting lineup right alongside Spanish sensation Ricky Rubio. Once again, this has become an issue, so let's hope this year we finally solve this problem.

The front office is accepting applications from anywhere and everywhere. With Flip Saunders back in charge, things are sure to change. He is already well on top of it and working on assuring everyone that he acquires a capable 2-guard one way or another.

Darren Wolfson of has provided us the insight to confirm the team's interest in moving up in the draft for Victor Oladipo.


Applicants must possess a number of required skills. Primarily, we need three-point shooting. Minnesota was last in the NBA in outside shooting at just over 30 percent last season, and while we expect superstar Kevin Love to alleviate some of that with his restored health, he needs assistance.

Spacing the floor for our big men is greatly important to this team. Restricted free agent Nikola Pekovic will be helped by a shooter who can help him avoid double-teams and give him a reliable option so he can pass out when he does encounter double-teams.

Rubio needs a guy who can hit shots to help stretch the floor and open up even more passing lanes for him. A shooter will help Pekovic get open as well as help open up the lane for Rubio to drive to the rim. It's a can't lose situation.

Aside from shooting and ball-handling, penetrating ability would be a plus. Instead of Rubio handling the ball constantly, having an able shooting guard who can be relied upon to create his own offense will alleviate pressure on Rubio as well as further initiate his development.

Lastly, we need confidence. We cannot have another Wes Johnson on our hands who becomes passive and ineffective when his shot doesn't fall. Shooters keep their heads up after dry spells, and that is exactly what we need.

So, there you have it. If you know anyone who can fill these needs or believe you can do so yourself, come on down to Minneapolis. The T-Wolves need all the help they can get.