The Usos on a Collision Course with WWE Tag Team Champions the Shield

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 6, 2013

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WWE tag team champs The Shield look to have new challengers on the horizon in The Usos.

In the lopsided tag division, where The Shield and Team Hell No have had a stranglehold on the spotlight, the time will have to come for Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to defend their belts against new opponents. The Usos' recent win streak, along with hints from WWE announcers, are signs that Jimmy and Jey Uso will be next in line.

A two-win streak doesn't sound like much, but with the little air time teams get and the frequency of losses to The Shield or Team Hell No, this translates to significant momentum.

The Usos first earned a victory over The Prime Time Players on Monday's WWE Raw. After dispatching of Titus O'Neil, the team struck Darren Young with an echoing kick, followed by a flying splash for the pin.

Just two days later, The Usos earned a victory over Team Rhodes Scholars on WWE Main Event.

Even more telling than the win itself, or how much of the match the twins controlled, was what Josh Mathews said during the match. He seemed to imply that The Usos were the top contenders for a future tag team title shot. He later said that The Usos were "looking to send a message to the tag team champions The Shield."

The fact that these two wins came so close together heightens their importance and perhaps puts The Usos a win or two away from earning a title shot.

The would-be challengers took to Twitter to announce their championship intentions.

The Usos told The Shield to get ready for them, and Reigns and Rollins should do just that. Once the Team Hell No feud ends, the champs will have to face someone else and there aren't a ton of choices beyond The Usos.

If WWE sticks with a traditional face vs. heel matchup and no major turns happen in the near future, The Usos are the most likely good-guy team to get a shot.

Tons of Funk are a comedy act and would be an odd fit against The Shield. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio haven't wrestled as a team in months. Who else is there?

The other quality teams in the division are all heels. The Prime Time Players, Team Rhodes Scholars and Primo and Epico could have a claim on the No. 1 contender’s spot, but The Usos good-guy status puts them above all those guys in this situation.

Payback may be too soon for this title match to happen, but perhaps it will be at Money in the Bank that we see The Shield fend off The Usos. The brothers will get a shot, but if history repeats, they won't be successful.

It was The Usos who The Shield defeated last before their title win at Extreme Rules. It's not as if The Shield's loss column has much in it, either.

The Usos look to be on their way to the mountain top, but the dominant, cohesive unit of Reigns and Rollins will quickly swipe them off it.