Tom Brady: To Pre, or Not To Pre

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Tom Brady: To Pre, or Not To Pre
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 Patriot Pat says...

Last year, we did not see Tom F-ing Brady in the preseason. He happened to be nursing a bum ankle, and the consensus was that the prized and seasoned quarterback didn't exactly need the experience of the limited snaps preseason provides.

I'm imagining the experience, and looking forward to the day of Sept. 14, when Tom F-ing Brady runs out onto the field at Gillette Stadium. 

The place is going to erupt, and will do so on Monday Night Football. The world is going to see just how much we love our star quarterback.

The question that comes in mind when thinking about all of this is whether or not we will see Tom F-ing Brady in the preseason, and if we truly want him to get some game experience before the regular season or not.

Last year, when Tom F-ing Brady didn't play in the preseason, he was coming off a career year. He didn't have a serious injury that kept him out for an entire season.

The benefit of him playing and shaking out the cobwebs in games that do not ultimately count would certainly be reason for us to want him to play. On the other hand, the extra time for him to ensure his knee is at its full recovered potential would certainly be a reason for us to not want him to play. 

Does Tom F-ing Brady really need to shake out the cobwebs? 

I mean, he is Tom F-ing Brady. Recent remarks coming out of workouts with him are that he looks strong and will be fine to start the season.

Do we want the first few weeks to be when Tom F-ing Brady shakes out the cobwebs if he really needs to?

In my opinion, I might want Tom F-ing Brady to play in the preseason if he is able. At least to get that little extra time adjusting to the speed of the game, even if his mind is already in the right place.

Do I think that Tom F-ing Brady really needs to shake out the cobwebs?

Being that Tom F-ing Brady has seen his share of playing time since he took over for Drew Bledsoe, he will more than likely be mentally ready to take over in the helm in Week One. That being said, I don't want to risk not putting together a strong showing in the begining of the year. Especially since the schedule they have this year is so difficult.

Do we care about the first few weeks of the season when considering the long-term effects of needlessly losing Tom F-ing Brady in the preseason?

If the Patriots play Tom F-ing Brady in the preseason, and he re-injures his knee, I will be out for blood.

If the Patriots play Tom F-ing Brady in the preseason, he doesn't get hurt, and then shows up at Week One looking like we all hope he will, then I will be as happy as, well, the kitten purring in my lap right now.

Andrew Cahill is a true Boston sports fan. Check out his website, Patriot Pat's Patsies.

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