Jaguars Fans Defend Team from National Media Reports

David Nelson@JvilleJaguarsCorrespondent IIIJune 6, 2013

November 25, 2012; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars fan holds up a sign during the second half of the game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans at EverBank Field. The Jaguars defeated the Titans 24-19. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

In what has been a rather annoying week of national media reporting regarding the Jacksonville Jaguars, it is just another day in the life of a Jaguars fan.

From New York Post writer Bart Hubbuch to well-known CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora, the Jaguars' fanbase has been hit over and over again with rumors based on Roger Goodell's statements regarding the NFL in London, England.

From playing two home games in London to eventually moving there, Hubbuch and La Canfora are both the epitome of why the Jaguars' fanbase cannot stand the national media.

While conversing with the media, Goodell stated that he would like to play a third game in London each year, and would ask the Jaguars to play twice.

There is no doubt that Goodell would like to do that—it means more notoriety and more money.  Two things any business looks for.

The issues that Jaguars fans had right away was the very poor reporting done on the situation by Hubbuch.

Displaying his opinion on Twitter, Hubbuch made a statement that set the Jaguars' fanbase on fire. 

Hubbuch states that he believes we will see the "London Jaguars" in 2020. 

To make a long story short, bad move Bart. 

Since the tweet, Hubbuch has dealt with both extremely angry and angry Jaguars fans.  Taking a look at his feed, it would seem as if he has gotten little sleep and battled nearly every Jaguars fan possible.

While refusing to back down on his opinion, La Canfora backed Hubbuch with an article explaining that he believes that the Jags would be the best fit for London.

La Canfora received the same warm welcome that Hubbuch did from Jaguars fans. 

The Jaguars nation has taken Twitter by storm and targeted these two writers out of passion and anger.

It is one thing to speculate, but it is another to pour more crap onto the national perception of the Jaguars.

From articles about the Jaguars moving to Los Angeles to how they have a small fan following, the national media has done very little to report anything with substance to the followers of the NFL, nonetheless the fans of Jacksonville.

Some things that seem to get missed with all of the opinions from these "experts" are the facts and common sense that go into making any of these assumptions.

Let's start off with the Jaguars' stadium, EverBank Field. 

The lease for the stadium runs through 2027.  Are there ways out of the lease?  Of course, as you can buy out of anything.  But what is the cost? 

The conditions of the lease were reported beautifully by Timothy Gibbons.

The most important facts to take from this are that the Jaguars would owe the remaining amount of the $135 million, 35-year lease due whenever they would make a move.  In November of 2011, they still had nearly $100 million left on the lease. 

The lease becomes somewhat tricky if the team begins to lose money.  If the Jaguars' revenue was below the NFL average for three consecutive years, then the team would be able to get out of the lease without as many penalties. 

This is where it turns to those same passionate fans that are torturing the media after making statements that the team may move to London. 

Fill the stadium, and there should be no chance of the team moving anywhere.

If the Jaguars' owner, Shad Khan, had any interest in a move in the near future, why in the world would he be pulling for a $50 million stadium upgrade?

Khan wants something that makes the team stand out in Jacksonville.  His idea of the having the largest video boards in the NFL backs up this very idea.

A year into upgrading the weight room and locker room, Khan has seen millions of dollars spent on upgrading the current stadium for years to come.  The Jaguars also have plans for an indoor practice facility and may begin construction for the 2014 season.  That will be another $10 million paid by the Jaguars.

We cannot forget about the money that was just shelled out to completely change the team's logo and uniforms.

Anybody who believes that it was a cheap transition, think about everything that needs to be changed—all of the little products with the Jaguars' old logo and lettering; all of the changes throughout the stadium to upgrade to the new logo. 

To believe that Khan did this with the idea of moving the team within the next five to 10 years is not only dumb, but he would be making a very poor business decision.

The same owner who Hubbuch and La Canfora believe is perfect for London with his connections is building a brand in Jacksonville.  He is not sitting on his hands and waiting for the team to falter so it makes sense. He is establishing his own stamp on the team. 

Khan's connections are being used against him in Jacksonville as a reason to leave the area, when in reality it is a great blessing to have an owner with connections all over the world.

Khan was challenged with getting the Jaguars' name out there when he bought the team from Wayne Weaver, and now he is getting pointed at as a guy trying to move the team since he is trying out new ways to make new fans.

The Jaguars would likely enjoy being London's team, but they want to be London's team from Jacksonville. 

The Jaguars have been knocked every year for being a team with tarps, without many fans and with blackouts. 

How many of those are true?  Would the league like to see the tarp sections completely destroyed while having just as many seats as the rest of the NFL?  Would that make the jokes go away? 

The Jaguars' lack of fans?  I think that Hubbuch and La Canfora can both agree that isn't the case. 

Alfie Crow from Big Cat Country wrote a great article on the rise of the Jaguars' fan base that details why the passionate Jaguars fans are now coming out to display their love for the team. 

Blackouts?  Talk about a thing of the past.  The Jaguars have not seen a blackout since 2009.

Teams that have seen a blackout since then?  Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Oakland and San Diego.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had an outrageous six blackouts in 2012.  Pete Prisco broke down why the Bucs made sense for London.

With that said, where is the consideration for the Buccaneers, Bengals, Bills, Raiders or Chargers to move to London?  Is it because they do not have an owner that wants to make money and has connections?  I highly doubt it.

Other factors that are not worth getting deeply into include scheduling issues with the time difference, traveling issues, tax issues and free agency issues.  The list will continue to build as we get closer to actually having a team in England.

There is a large difference between what we read as opinions and what is true.  Hubbuch and La Canfora both proved that this week by irritating a fanbase that would like to simply concentrate on their team.  A team with a new look, new faces, new coaching staff and new expectations.

Instead, more crud is sent through the national media during a time where they have little to report on with only OTA's and rookie signings happening at this time.

As senior writer, John Oesher reported in his daily "O-Zone" column, "The NFL would have to ask the Jaguars to play two home games in London. I don’t sense that’s the Jaguars’ plan." 


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