WWE Main Event: In-Depth Recap and Review For June 5

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJune 6, 2013

Every week here on Bleacher Report, I will take an in-depth look at Main Event, recapping all the action and offering analysis on everything from the matches to commentary and anything else that takes place on the show.

Ricardo Rodriguez was on commentary again this week, along with Miz and Josh Mathews. This week featured three matches, all of which saw the babyfaces pick up the victories.

Let's get right into the first match of the evening.


Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro was out to prove that he was just as powerful as Sheamus in the beginning of the match based on how aggressive he was in pushing Sheamus to the corner.

I can be as critical as anyone when it comes to Sheamus, but he has proven time and time again that he can keep up with the pure wrestlers like Cesaro.

Cesaro, like Daniel Bryan, makes Sheamus try a little harder my incorporating some ground wrestling into his game a bit more, whereas guys like Barrett make Sheamus hit a little stiffer.

The match saw both men trade control throughout, but Cesaro seemed like the aggressor in what will certainly be one of the better matches we see this week.

Sheamus is well over 250 pounds, and the way Cesaro holds him in the air before throwing him could not have highlighted Cesaro's strength any better.

Quite possibly the most brutal thing you will see all week is during this match when Antonio Cesaro gets a running start before kicking Sheamus' head while it is against the ring post.

It seemed like one of those moves where Sheamus would almost certainly get out of the way, but he got his dome crushed against a ring post.

After hitting Cesaro with his signature series of shots to the chest, Sheamus rammed Cesaro into the ring post, getting a small measure of revenge for being what I can only think to call "vertically curb stomped."

The incorporation of the Cross-Face Chicken Wing into Cesaro's bag of tricks is something fans of Bob Backlund will certainly appreciate, and hopefully it is a hold we see him start using on a regular basis when wearing down opponents.

Although, I would not mind seeing him use it as a second finisher to the Neutralizer. It is a classic wrestling hold that would fit in perfectly with his signature moveset.

Sheamus broke out of the hold eventually, only to leap off the top rope right into a brutal European uppercut from the man who has undoubtedly become the master of that move in every way, Antonio Cesaro.

Cesaro then took a rare trip to the top rope for a flying knee drop that yielded him yet another near fall.

Going back to the well for a second Cross-Face Chicken Wing, followed by a series of hard elbow to the face of Sheamus, led to Cesaro trying to finish the match with a Neutralizer.

Sheamus was able to break free and hit the Brogue Kick to net his second victory in as many weeks on Main Event over a fellow European.

Cesaro certainly delivered once again against a top Superstar, and once again Main Event ended up producing one of the best matches of the week.

Some notes from the match.

  • I have a theory. Sheamus always has better matches with guys who are closer to his size.
  • Josh Mathews comparing Antonio Cesaro to Jason Statham is one of the more apt comparisons I have heard in awhile.
  • Cesaro can squeeze a nickel until the buffalo screams judging by how much he spent on his new ring gear.
  • Sheamus makes anyone with a slight tan look Hispanic.
  • Sheamus has to be dying his hair. It changes shades slightly on a seemingly weekly basis.


The Usos vs. Rhodes Scholars

The Usos are using the face-paint they used on Monday again, which is a nice little addition to their character, as well as a way for them to pay respect to their father, who had a similar design he used to wear with his partner Samu.

It is pretty clear from the recent string of victories, as well as the new look, that The Usos are being pushed as contenders for the Tag titles.

Rhodes and Sandow did a good job putting The Usos over in this match without looking like jobbers. Rhodes even managed to hit The Disaster Kick at one point, but a Superfly Splash gave the twin brothers another victory.

The match was not very long, but it was long enough for everyone to be in the ring more than once without things seeming rushed.

The tag team division in WWE is getting back on track, and these two teams will be integral in making everything work.

Some notes from the match.

  • Maybe I am reading too much into this, but Josh Mathews really emphasized the word "Rampage" at one point. Was he referencing Rampage Jackson signing with TNA?
  • Probably not.
  • The Usos should get Tamina back in their corner. She needs something to do.
  • Rhodes taking the pin was smart since Sandow is in a feud with Sheamus, while Rhodes is not doing much right now.


Justin Gabriel vs. Curt Hawkins

Seeing Hawkins not only have a televised match, but have an entrance that was shown on TV, was a bit surprising.

Hawkins was attempting to show a more aggressive side in this match by yelling before hitting power moves. It kind of worked.

Justin Gabriel picked up a win with the 450 Splash in a very textbook match. It was only about four minutes, so you can't expect a lot in terms of originality, but both guys performed as well as they could have.

No mistakes were made, and Hawkins actually seemed to have a bit of renewed energy after finding his way onto TV for the first time in months.

Some notes from the match.

  • Hawkins' gimmick consists of backwards hat and a leather vest that looks like it was left over from The Disciples of Apocalypse.
  • Josh Mathews says his new nickname is The Prince of Queens. I get what it is supposed to mean, but it is not a cool nickname.
  • Justin Gabriel has had a few wins here and there in recent months. He always seems to flirt with a title feud, but then loses to the champion before anything can get to a pay=per-view.
  • Miz saying his father's favorite move is Justin Gabriel's 450 Splash was a nice touch.


Final Thoughts

Why Main Event does not do higher numbers is a mystery to me. Apparently less than a quarter of the Raw audience tune in, according to Twnpnews.com.

Week after week, Main Event has been producing high quality matches without giving us too many recap videos or backstage segments.

The matches may or may not incorporate a current feud, but they always manage to be entertaining.

Sheamus, Randy Orton, Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett are slowly becoming the top stars of Main Event. The past few months have seen them not only participate in numerous matches on the show, but they have been able to perform at a PPV-level of quality time after time.

Sometimes the two hour Smackdowns, three hour Raws and four hour PPVs can be too much. Having this one hour show in the middle of the week, where the only goal is good matches and quick recaps, is a nice break.

Miz is becoming a better commentator every week. He always says the right things to put Superstars over, and part of that is because he knows what he would want said about him when he is wrestling.

This week's show is another in a streak of enjoyable episodes of Main Event. What did you think?


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