10 Reasons WWE Needs John Cena

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 5, 2013

10 Reasons WWE Needs John Cena

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    Let's face it: WWE needs John Cena.

    Oh, sure. It might be easy to get tired of him constantly being plastered all over Raw and main eventing every pay-per-view show regardless of whether or not he's even the champion.

    But he's still the most valuable asset the company has left. In fact, WWE could be in some serious trouble if he were ever to go down with a serious injury or decide to retire early.

    And here are 10 reasons why... 

10. He's the Only Guy on the Roster Guaranteed to Get a Strong Reaction

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    Sure, WWE crowds can often feel flat and lukewarm these days—those tiresome, three-hour Raws can be tough to sit through—but Cena is still the one guy virtually guaranteed to get a reaction whenever he comes out.

    Whether they’re cheering or booing—mostly booing, it has to be said—the fans lap up the opportunity to tell Cena what they think of him.   

9. He Could Be the Next WWE Guy to Break into Movies

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    Thanks to roles in movies like The Marine and 12 Rounds, as well as guest appearances on popular television shows like Psych, Cena is one of the few wrestling names well-known in Hollywood.  No doubt he’ll have more acting roles in the future.

    Assuming he doesn't take after The Rock and leave WWE entirely to pursue Hollywood fame, the company can only be helped by Cena’s acceptance by the mainstream.

8. He's a Great Spokesman for the Company

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    Partly thanks to his admirable work with children’s charity Make-A-Wish, Cena remains one of the greatest ambassadors the company has ever had.

    He’s also behaved himself away from the ring—you’ll never see his mugshot posted all over TMZ, that’s for sure. This guy is simply too professional for that.

7. There Is Always the Option of Turning Him Heel

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    The much-talked about Cena heel turn would not only freshen up his character, but it could also help rejuvenate and revitalize the product.

    Can you imagine the massive impact such a move would make on the entire WWE landscape?  

    Indeed, this may very well be the last truly shocking heel turn wrestling has left. 

    This is another reason Cena remains valuable to WWE going forward. He still has great potential.

6. He Gets Great Endorsement Deals

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    Cena is the only full-time WWE guy left who can snag lucrative endorsement deals for himself and the company.

    First of all, there's his well-publicized gig with cereal Fruity Pebbles. He's also worked with Gillette in the past. And just two days ago it was announced that WWE and supermarket chain Kmart were teaming up for a John Cena clothing line (via PWI). 

5. His Promo Work Is as Good as Ever

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    While the material he’s given is sometimes—OK, frequently—questionable, Cena still manages to deliver his lines well. Indeed, his powerful delivery helps give even the most juvenile promos a sense of gravitas.

    After nearly a decade on top, he's still that good.

    Aside from The Rock, he’s arguably the best talker in the company.

4. He's Willing to Go to Any Lengths to Get an Angle over

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    As noted, Cena is dedicated to WWE and a total company man.

    So much so that the guy even let the company bring up his real-life divorce in his WrestleMania program with The Rock in what was presumably a bid to give their storyline some much-needed edge and drama.

    Considering what a thorny (and painful) issue the break up likely was, this must have been tough. But credit to him for going along with it all.

3. He's a Pay-Per-View Draw

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    As the terrific buyrate and overall success for WrestleMania 29—which was headlined by Cena’s rematch with The Rock—illustrated, the current WWE champion is still a draw on pay-per-view. Hey, when it comes to the major big-time bouts, the man more than rises to the challenge and brings in the buyers. (Figures from Variety).

    This fact alone makes him more valuable than ever to the company.  Can you imagine what its PPV business would be like without him?

2. He's Still Delivering Great Matches

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    Despite his age—he’s 36—and the inevitable wear and tear that has come from years of that tough WWE road schedule, Cena is still a great wrestler capable of delivering in the ring. He even managed to get a decent bout out of the awkward and clumsy Ryback at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

    Now that’s impressive.

1. He's the Only Full-Time Star WWE Has Left

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    Shawn Michaels is retired. Undertaker too, for all intents and purposes. The Rock has his movie career. Triple H is winding down as a performer to focus on his behind-the-scenes work in WWE.

    WWE tried to make other new stars with guys like Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk. But these guys had limited appeal and never managed to reach mega-star status. And the jury is still out on wrestlers like Ryback and Dolph Ziggler.

    Really, that means Cena is the only undisputed star left.

    Man, how scary would would it be if the company had to cope without him?