Oregon Football Program Installs Two 50-Foot Long Pools in Practice Facility

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJune 5, 2013

Credit: John Canzano, The Oregonian
Credit: John Canzano, The Oregonian

Usually, practice facilities can be pretty basic and boring. They all look the same across the country and can be places the players dread visiting, as they are the settings for a lot of coaches' yelling.

Oregon players can't wait to hit their practice facility. It is better than any other college football has to offer. It was reported a couple of years ago that $68 million was being dumped to construct a 130,000 square foot football operation center. Well, according to The Oregonian, that must have included adding two 50-foot long pools. 

Looks like swimming trunks are now on the list of things to bring for recruits.

This will certainly make those long practices more worth it. We all know that nothing is better than diving into a cool swimming pool after a long day of sweating and getting dirty. The players can finally have a little fun after making their coaches happy.

But this is much more than a recruiting tactic or enjoyment for the players. This has everything to do with the overall health of the players and making sure guys are taking care of their bodies. According to the report, one pool will be heated to 65 degrees, while the other will be a lot cooler at 45 degrees. The idea is to help in optimum recovery post-practice, as the constant changing between pools will help reduce swelling and tissue breakdown.

This process is usually done throughout all levels of football, but it is often done in cheap tubs. Prince Amukamara of the New York Giants learned just how cold and unpleasant those tubs can be. Highly designed pools that feature the team's logo on the bottom seem to be an upgrade over what professional teams use.

This is typical Oregon Ducks fashion—simply always looking to one up everybody else in the swag department. Well done.