Marc Bulger and Scott Linehan Will Make or Break St. Louis Rams

john dmytrukCorrespondent IApril 7, 2008

I struggled to write this because I didn’t know how to start.  But to me, this photo sums up the problem with the St. Louis Rams' offense, Marc Bulger and Scott Linehan.

Bulger's part would be his lack of leadership.

Yes, he throws up numbers or passing yardage, but what about points?  Let’s cut to the chase—wins.  Even in Warner's worst year, he still got the team to the Super Bowl. 

I still don't understand how he has earned the over $60 million the Rams pay him. 

He hasn't brought this team to the Super Bowl or a conference championship.  He even had the same players that Warner had when he went to the Super Bowl without the results.

I think that sums up Bulger, so now let us visit Linehan.

Linehan has the same problem as Bulger—lack of leadership. 

If things go south in 2008, don't throw your coaches under the bus like you did to Olsen. Let Saunders do his job, and back him in the press.