WWE Company Reportedly to Focus More on Tag Team Division Again

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIJune 5, 2013

Tell me if you've heard this one before.

Reports coming out of PWInsider.com (h/t Wrestle Zone) WWE claim the company is ready to refocus on the tag team division. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. As WWE fans, and fans of tag team wrestling, we must be insane to we think these reports are true. All we can do, however, is hope.

It was a little more than a year ago when we learned Triple H was prepared to hit reset on the tag team division that had been left too long without direction. Prior to Daniel Bryan and Kane, known as Team Hell No, the belts had been a joke for the better part of two years. 

The last serious team prior to Team Hell No, in my opinion, was ShowMiz all the way back in early 2010 when Big Show and Miz defeated D-X. ShowMiz lost the belts to the Hart Dynasty, who appeared ready to lead a new era of tag team wrestling before the WWE higher-ups lost interest. 

Since then, the WWE tag titles have been held by the following less-than-illustrious teams: McIntyre and Rhodes, Cena and Otunga, Gabriel and Slater, Sanino and Kozlov, Cena and Miz, and Otunga and McGillicutty. Sprinkled in was a one-month reign for Big Show and Kane and directionless reigns for Kofi and Bourne and Primo and Epico. 

When the tag division was going to be rebuilt last year, the corner stones were going to be Primo and Epico, the Usos, the Primetime Players, and Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. At the time, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger were teaming with Vickie Guerrero as their manager. Shortly after Hell No formed, you also had Rhodes and Damien Sandow form the Rhodes Scholars. All of this here had the makings of what could have been a great tag division.

It was all cast aside and forgotten. 

Now, The Shield runs the yard. As tag champions, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are clearly a cut above any established tag team in the company.

The Usos earned a clean, decisive victory over the Primetime Players on Monday's Raw. Mysterio is reportedly soon to return and Sin Cara has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust for most of the last six months. The Colons are damaged beyond repair at this point. If WWE wants to refocus on the tag division, it will have to think creatively. 

Creative thinking does not mean put Kofi with another directionless midcarder that jumps off turnbuckles. It does not mean put Sheamus with another upper midcarder and give them a ridiculous, forced tag team name. It does not mean have Big Show return and team with a loud mouth, arrogant midcard heel to create a big man/little man tandem. 

They also will look to NXT for fresh blood. The Wyatt Family will soon debut and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan will certainly factor into the tag mix. Oliver Grey, when he heals up, and Adrian Neville (formerly PAC) can reform their British Ambition tag team that won the NXT Tag Titles. 

Do you think the WWE can effectively rebuild the tag division? How would you do it?