It's Time to Form a Faction with Jack Swagger's America

Robert AitkenAnalyst IJune 5, 2013

To those who still patiently wait for Jack Swagger to serve a suspension following his DUI arrest earlier this year, call off your search for justice. Swagger kept his main event spot on Smackdown and his World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania. Swagger may not have become a world champion again, but the work done by him, along with manager Zeb Colter, is not being silenced from TV screens any time soon.

Even after his issues with DUIs and other driving mishaps, Jimmy Uso enjoyed a victory on RAW and the addition of war paint to the gimmick of him and his brother, Jey Uso. If Uso didn't get a pink slip or a punishment, while also enjoying a potential push, Swagger is officially in the clear. In fact, it may be time to reward Swagger's position right now as a heel that is stirring the melting pot. It may be time to expand Jack Swagger's America into a full-fledged faction.

Colter is that mouthpiece Swagger desperately needed to give his character staying power in a main event scene. If WWE wishes to hype a pay-per-view match with Swagger, Colter can give the sound bytes to make it worth their while. While Swagger deals with court dates this month regarding that DUI, there is no point in taking Colter off television. 

When Paul Heyman had both CM Punk and Brock Lesnar off their regular TV appearances, Heyman sought after Curtis Axel instead. Now, Axel and Heyman can stand together in main event matches on weekly television. This may be the norm going forward for Heyman, who won't need Lesnar until the next big pay-per-view match he plans. As for Heyman and Punk, while he represented The Best in the World this week on RAW, it isn't so evident that Punk will need Heyman's help in the immediate future.

Colter, on the other hand, can be that cheerleader necessary to give superstars that needed edge. Jack Swagger can be the leading man in a faction full of proud Americans that are tired of the country's integrity taking shots from those who hail from foreign lands. Colter can badmouth the crowd and the ethnic group that is predominant in that respective city. Colter can even rip from the headlines to bring in political issues, much like the extreme traditionalists that this gimmick was built upon.

What makes this belief even better is that the faction can even recruit superstars that actually are foreign. Take a man like Hunico, who shows a lot of skill in the ring, but is lacking that storyline to show what he is worth. Hunico could be repackaged as a Mexican-American man who was born in the United States (which is true) and insulted by the immigrants coming into the country. The group could even wave an American flag as they come to the ring, assured to garner the reaction Antonio Cesaro wishes he had gotten. In fact, Americans would potentially be booing pro-Americans, which helps to blur that line of what is right and wrong in today's WWE.

Hunico, or whatever name they choose to give him, could be looked upon as a hypocrit, but denounce his Mexican background and refer to himself as a proud American. Hunico could even be used in weekly promos as he and Colter attempt to coax international superstars to join Jack Swagger's America. It could be a hybrid of Chavo Guerrero avoiding his heritage as Kerwin White, coupled with the group Right to Censor trying to wipe clean their past transgressions.

It would even turn Colter into a figure head of what could almost be mistaken as a new-found religion or philosophy. With all of these factions popping up in WWE in recent months, Jack Swagger's America could make for yet another good one. In fact, it takes the fight for injustice of The Shield and couples it with the brainwashing tendencies and possible religious undertones of the upcoming faction The Wyatt Family.

The Shield is currently draped in gold, while The Wyatt Family has the WWE fanbase buzzing before they even debut. Swagger and Colter began with buzz and dreamed of gold, but have fallen short on both fronts. Now, Colter and Swagger come close to being pushed to the back burner. While Swagger may need to sit on the sidelines a bit as a partial punishment, Colter has done nothing short of excel in his role in WWE to this point. Reigniting the heat for Colter, along with making another superstar relevant, would only add to this boom of factions in WWE