International 2013 NBA Draft Prospects to Watch at Adidas Eurocamp 2013

Jonathan Wasserman@@NBADraftWassNBA Lead WriterJune 5, 2013

International 2013 NBA Draft Prospects to Watch at Adidas Eurocamp 2013

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    The adidas Eurocamp is the combine for international prospects, only with actual five-on-five game play. For many young players who don't get minutes with their clubs, this is a chance to stand out in front of NBA scouts and executives.

    This year's event will run June 8-10 in Treviso, Italy, and will showcase some of the top young talent overseas.

    Many of the prospects attending either chose not to declare or aren't eligible for the 2013 draft. However, the early entrants and auto-eligible 1991-born prospects in attendance should generate plenty of attention and excitement.

    Seven prospects from 2012's event were selected in last year's draft, including first-round pick Evan Fournier.

    We could see two to four prospects at this year's event get taken in the 2013 first round, along with a few others competing for second-round position.

Rudy Gobert, France, 7'2'', C

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    Rudy Gobert used last year's adidas Eurocamp as an introductory stage, and now he'll enter this year's event as a first-round prospect to watch.

    His appeal stems from his unique physical tools, which consist of an unprecedented 7'8.5'' wingspan on a 7'2'' body. Gobert's role on his team in France was somewhat limited. He took 124 shots in 27 games during the season (4.5 per game). However, most of them went in, as he finished the year shooting 71 percent from the floor.

    Given Gobert's size, length and athleticism, there won't be many players capable of contesting his shots down low if he ever learns how to get them off.

    He's fighting for a spot in the lottery, with upside being his sales pitch and a raw game being teams' fear.

    A standout performance during game action could help ease some of the concerns scouts have over his immediate offensive limitations.

Lucas Nogueira, Brazil, 7'0'', C

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    Like most of these young international prospects, Lucas "Bebe" Nogueira didn't have a featured role on his team overseas. He only got 13 minutes a game for Estudiantes Madrid, however, he contributed during the time he was given.

    At just under 7'0'' with a near 7'5'' wingspan (would be second in the draft class behind Rudy Gobert), Nogueira's physical tools are illuminated by the fact he's a top-flight athlete. Take away the skills and instincts, and Nogueira actually resembles Nerlens Noel if you're just using the look test.

    He's a raw offensive talent, getting most of his points on catch-and-finishes and tip-ins, though rim protection will likely be his coveted strength.

    The NBA guys love the combination of size, length and athleticism, and Nogueira has an incredible amount of each. A strong showing in Treviso could land him in this year's first round.

Nemanja Nedovic, Serbia, 6'4'', PG/SG

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    Nemanja Nedovic appeared at this event in 2011, but he really broke out in 2013 after leaving his previous club.

    Now with Lietuvos Rytas, Nedovic's explosive athleticism has shined on a brighter stage. Some have even referred to him as the European Derrick Rose. He's one of those rare ball-handlers capable of playing above the rim.

    But he's not a natural point guard, and that could be weighing on his draft stock. Nedovic is a playmaker capable of creating off the dribble, tough he's more of a combo than 1 or a 2 exclusively.

    He shot the ball really well this year, a perceived weakness up until recently. Nedovic finished with a 39.2 percent three-point mark through 45 games.

    This year's Eurocamp is a great opportunity for Nedovic to take over offensively and boost his value as a 2013 prospect. He's considered a good bet for the second round, thought there's room for his stock to grow.

Livio Jean-Charles, France, 6'9'', SF/PF

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    Livio Jean-Charles turned heads at this year's Nike Hoops Summit, dropping 27 points and 13 boards on a USA squad filled with top-10 projected prospects for the 2014 draft.

    At around 6'9'', Jean-Charles is more of a small forward than a 4, with the ability to face the rim and fly around the court. He's a constant target for guards, cutting and slashing off the ball from all angles.

    What really stands out is his ability to finish on the move. With his mobility, body control and monster 7'2.5'' wingspan, Jean-Charles can elude defenders mid-air and convert at the rim.

    He also has shown promise as a pick-and-pop, mid-range shooter.

    Jean-Charles doesn't have the upside to knock anyone's socks off, but he does project as a relatively safe, reliable supporting frontcourt option. He'll be one of the better players at this year's Eurocamp despite his limited production with his club team.

Bojan Dubljevic, Montenegro, 6'10'', PF

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    Bojan Dubljevic put up similar numbers in both the Spanish ACB and Eurocup, averaging just over 12 points on 55 percent shooting through a total of 52 games.

    Those numbers came in only around 20 minutes a game against some of the top competition in Europe.

    He's either scoring down low with this back to the rim or spotting up from the perimeter. As a big man, Dubljevic's toughness inside drives his production and potential, though his inability to play above the rim really limits his upside. 

    Dubljevic isn't much of an athlete and lacks that overwhelming wingspan NBA guys love.

    However, Dubljevic is an excellent knockdown shooter. He converted 50-of-112 three-point attempts (44.6 percent), and projects as a reliable stretch-big man.

    Between his interior instincts, motor and jumper, Dobljevic has hit NBA radars as an auto-eligible 1991-born prospect.

Augusto Cesar Lima, Spain, 6'10'', PF

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    This is an important Eurocamp for Augusto Cesar Lima, whose role with Unicaja Malaga was reduced to around 10 minutes a game.

    An extremely fluid athlete for a 6'10'' power forward, Lima's physical tools are made for NBA play. He's a finisher inside, whether it's off dump-offs, pick-and-rolls or tips.

    Between an injury, passport issues and limited playing time, nobody is really sure if Lima is the real deal or not. This Eurocamp is a great opportunity for him to showcase his strengths in a more concentrated setting.