5 Games That Losing Teams Wish They Could Replay

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5 Games That Losing Teams Wish They Could Replay
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On Thursday night, the Heat will face a Spurs team with nearly two weeks of rest...or rust?

On June 3, the favored Miami Heat broke a close game open in the second quarter and coasted to an Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 victory over the underdog Indiana Pacers.

If you read my articles with regularity you know that I'm not just a fan of my chosen teams (S.F Giants/49ers, and Golden State Warriors)—I'm also a fan of sports in general, and the sports fan in me was rooting for Indiana to return to the Finals after a 13-year absence.

Besides, ever since The Decision, it's nearly impossible to tune in to any sports network for five minutes without an update on Erik Spoelstra's team. "Coming up: Longtime Braves outfielder Andruw Jones has decided to play in the Japan League in 2013; we'll get Udonis Haslem's thoughts after the break."

(Of course, had Miami lost to Indy we'd be subject to weeks of coverage dedicated to their collapse, LBJ's pending free agency, D-Wade's frustration, Spoelstra's job status, etc. so perhaps their advancement is a blessing in disguise.)

Indiana gave Miami all it could handle with an offense that wasn't all that even before Danny Granger got hurt. Too bad there's no 24-hour magic wand—the Pacers could go back in time and sink more free throws, cover Ray freaking Allen beyond the arc, box out Miami's offensive rebounders, and sink what few open shots they lucked into.

...but what if there was?

Once the game was put out of reach my mind began to drift. "If I had a magic wand, and could J.R. Ewing any five games in history, what would they be?" (Hope you get the reference because I'm not here to talk about the past.)

Here's what I came up with:

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