Angels Fan Runs for Cover as Errant Bat Clocks Wife in the Stands

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 4, 2013

It's almost fitting that this fan chose to wear yellow to the Angels game. BuzzFeed Sports found a video showing one Angels fan who had to suffer far more than an eventual loss by her favorite baseball team.

In a game that would see the Los Angeles Angels lose to the Houston Astros 2-1 Monday night, Joe Blanton delivered a pitch to J.D. Martinez in the second inning. 

Martinez fouled off the pitch but also lost his bat into the stands. So far, there is nothing terribly interesting about this ordeal.

That's when the announcers caught a glimpse of where the errant bat landed—right near the head of a poor woman who was left to her own defenses. I only hope her eyes were closed so she didn't see her husband make a quick exit for safety.  

Of course, we found out what happens to husbands who try to shield their wives from looming dangers at baseball games, because a Cubs fan dumped a beer on her husband earlier this season for doing the opposite of this Angels superhero. 

This is the opportunity for every man around to boast they would have actually stood in the face of oncoming danger to take the brunt of an oncoming bat in the name of love.

This tale doesn't have a happy ending, however, as the lucky fan behind the woman who lost her hubby for an all-important few seconds gets his hands on the prized souvenir. 

I certainly hope the doghouse was made up before the game, because that is where this guy slept Monday night. That must have been a fun and not-entirely-awkward ride home. 


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