Graham Harrell + Undrafted = No Sense

Benjy MillerContributor IMay 1, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 22:  Quarterback Graham Harrell of Texas Tech drops back to pass the football during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 22, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

This past weekend, the NFL had their annual draft. Well, in this draft, many young talented athletes were picked up by professional football teams. One thing that made me think, was how the young quarterback from Texas Tech, Graham Harrell, wasn't picked up.

This kid has had it tough—probably the toughest year of any proffesional athlete. First, getting robbed by not getting invited to the Heisman. And now not getting drafted? He's put up solid numbers all four years he played at Texas Tech.

Perhaps scouts don't think he has an accurate enough arm? Perhaps they think he can't throw far enough? Perhaps they aren't giving him enough because Crabtree was on the Red Raiders? Whatever the reason being, it was ridiculous. Especially because Josh Freeman (who?), the Kansas State quarterback got drafted and Graham Harrell AND Chase Daniels didn't. What is wrong with the scouts this year?

Honestly, I'm a numbers guy. If you put the numbers together, then you'll usually get something logical. I have no idea what these guys were thinking.