B/R Turns Into WWE Chapter 13: Smackdown, The Champ Is Here!

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B/R Turns Into WWE Chapter 13: Smackdown, The Champ Is Here!

Hey guys, before I write this, I would like to say that I'm sorry that this is a little late. Also you can check the new Smackdown roster after the Draft. I recommend checking that last.


(C#1) Ladies and gentlemen, we are live in Hartford Connecticut and we just witnessed a historic weekend with the Draft and Backlash.

(C#2) Certainly! We also have a new WWE champion in AkD, but what happened to Jev Thorpe. And with Sulyaman gone from Smackdown and Tim List out with injury for a month after that insane jump off the 30 foot ladder on Sunday...Hey here comes General Manager DJ Rallo!

"Over and Over" hits and DJ walks out to the ring with a mic.

(DJ) Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a great show! Judgment Day is only three weeks away and we will find the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship tonight as Sterling Eby will take on Jay Rob the Legacy Kid.

Crowd cheers heavily.

(DJ) Also, the United States Championship will be defended at Judgment Day, but tonight we'll have a two-match tournament and the winners of the two matches will face off at Judgment Day!

Tonight, we'll have Kevin Canny take on Dozer and later tonight, we'll have Dub Sizzle taking on Dan Telek!

Crowd goes crazy as DJ is about to walk out, but AkD comes out.

AkD comes out to an amazing standing ovation as he holds the WWE Championship; he walks into the ring, shakes DJ's hand as DJ leaves and AkD is holding the mic.

(AkD) Well...

Crowd still going ballistic.

(AkD) Thanks, guys. It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the new WWE Champion! Who saw that coming?! Well anyways, I'm going to give an open challenge to any superstar tonight for the WWE Championship! So let's see who wants to fight me.

Crowd is still going crazy as he walks out and we head to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

(R.A.) This match is scheduled for one fall and the winner will be inserted in the WWE United States Championship match! Introducing first, The "Hitman" Kevin Canny!

Canny comes out to a massive ovation as he walks into the ring looking determined.

(R.A.) And his opponent, Dozer.

Dozer comes out to a mixed reaction, mostly boos.

The bell rings as we are underway.

There are still many "Hitman" chants as Canny poses and Dozer looks pissed. Dozer tries to get a quick dropkick, but Canny knocks him down. Canny tries to get Dozer up, but Dozer rolls out of the ring and tries to walk away.

Canny looks at him on the outside and chases after him. He gets Dozer tries to hit an irish whip onto the steel steps, but Dozer counters and Canny is down.

(Commercial Break)

We are back with both men in the ring and Dozer has the momentum. Dozer hits some jabs to the skull of Canny, but Canny reverses and they go back and forth with punches and kicks.

It goes on for a few seconds until Canny hits him with a leg sweep and locks in the Sharpshooter.

They are in the middle of the ring as Dozer tries to crawl to the ropes, but Canny drags him into the center and still has it locked in tight. Dozer immediately starts tapping and Canny wins!

(RA) Here is your winner via submission, Kevin Canny!

Crowd goes crazy as Canny raises his fist and leaves.

(C#1) Wow! What a match as Kevin Canny will be fighting for the United States Championship at Judgment Day!

(C#2) Kevin Canny is a force to be reckoned with on Smackdown!

Backstage Interview

(Backstage Interviewer) We are here live with M.

(M) Thanks...I guess. But anyways, It's always me to get the bad luck, huh?

(BA) What do you mean?

(M) Shut up. Nobody asked you to talk. Anyways, I want to know what Ron Johnson's deal is by showing his face in my match at Backlash. And I want an answer or else.

He walks away as the Interviewer looks confused.

(Commercial Break)

Locker Room Segment Between Jay Rob and Dan Telek

(Rob) Hey man, sorry about your match last night. My night didn't go too well, either.

(Telek) Yeah, but I will avenge that loss by inserting myself in the United States title match. I just have to go through that Dub Sizzle. He's a little off the edge and it may be personal to him after the Draft, but it is strictly business tonight.

Telek walks out as we see the Ring Announcer in the ring

(R.A.) This tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the tag team of Jared Farver and Demetrus Stokes!

They come out to a huge reaction as Smackdown's newest free agent in Farver and the newly drafted Demetrus Stokes will team up.

(R.A.) And there opponents, the team of Blue Chip and......

No one comes out as Blue Chip is demanding a mic in the ring.

(Blue) Oh. So nobody wants to tag with me, eh? Scared of being in the presence of a true champion at heart. All of you hypocrites don't even deserve to tag with me. Ring the bell.

The bell rings in this handicap match.

Blue starts yelling at Farver who is the legal man, until Farver hits him with a clothesline and Chip is down as Farver tags in Stokes. Stokes then hits an RKO on Chip and pins him for three.

(R.A.) Here are your winners, Demetrus Stokes and Jared Farver!

(C#1) Wow, I guess Blue Chip has more brawns then brains tonight.

(C#2) Heh it looks like Blue Chip had nothing flowing through his head, but the thoughts of his partner doing all of his dirty work.

(C#1) Yeah, without Savage by his side, we'll see how Blue Chip can adapt to the new brand.

(Commercial Break)

In Ring Segment

M walks to the ring with an enormous amount of boos as he has a mic

(M) Johnson! I've given you time to think of a good excuse to give on why you will show your face on my match, but I guess it will have to wait until after my match.

A jobber walks out in wrestling gear as this unexpected match begins.

M instantly starts the match with some quick kicks to the mid section and puts him on his shoulders. M then jumps with the jobber on his shoulders and then he goes to the top rope and hit a flying senton. M gets the three count.

(R.A.) Here is your winner, M!

M is celebrating as Ron Johnson runs through the crowd and hits M from behind. M rolls out of the ring as Ron grabs a mic.

(Ron) Hey M! You want to call me out for no damn reason, well if you wanted me pissed, you got me pissed! At Judgment Day how about it will be M vs. Ron Johnson in a stretcher match!

M is just walking away towards the exit of the ramp.

(Ron) Or you can walk away like a coward and keep on calling me out. Do you know how weak you are? You're insecurity is pitiful and I'll give you until next week to accept my challenge.

M is just walking away.

(Commercial Break)

Backstage Segment between Christi Lott, Blue Chip, and Sterling Eby

(Lott) Hey Eby, I am so relieved that Ray and Shane are off our backs. Now we can skyrocket ourselves to the top.

(Eby) Oh yeah, those two jerks are heading to Raw, while we will thrive on Smackdown whether the fans, managment, and the superstars like it or not. We just need to get through Rob and we are home free.

They are about to kiss until Blue Chip walks in muttering to himself and throwing a chair.

(Lott) Do you mind?

No answer from Chip as he stares down both Lott and Eby as he walks away and Lott and Eby look mad.

(Commercial Break)

(R.A.) This match is scheduled for one fall and the winner will face Kevin Canny for the United States Championship at Judgment Day! Introducing first, Dan Telek.

Telek walks out to a mixed reaction.

(R.A.) And his opponent, Dub Sizzle.

"All the Above" by Maino and T-Pain hits and he gets some "Tear em' apart" chants.

The bell rings and we are under way.

Dub Starts with an instant big boot as Telek is quickly knocked down. Dub picks up Telek, throws him into the turnbuckle and starts stomping on him.

The referee counts to four as Sizzle lets go and he picks up Telek and puts him on his shoulders, but Telek gets out of it and he hits Sizzle on his back, but Sizzle doesn't go down. Telek then hits Sizzle again and gets a roll up pin and pins Sizzle for three.

(R.A.) Here is your winner, Dan Telek!

Telek celebrates in the ring as he'll have an all respect match at Judgment Day. Sizzle walks out as Kevin Canny comes in as he just claps on the ramp and leaves.

(Commercial Break)

A Backlash recap video is shown.

(R.A.) This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for a WWE Championship Match against AkD at Judgment Day. Introducing first being accompanied by Christi Lott, Sterling Eby.

They come out to massive heat.

(R.A.) And next, Jay Rob the Legacy Kid.

Jay Rob comes out to the biggest pop of the night as he walks to the ring.

The bell rings and we are under way.

We start with a head lock by Eby as he instantly is choking out Jay Rob. Rob's breath is being constricted and he does get out of it by flipping Eby on the ground.

Eby is down and Jay hits a standing moonault on Eby and attempts to pin him. 2 count for Jay as he looks astonished.

Jay now gets up and jumps onto the top rope and attempts a cross body off the top but misses in mid air while Eby hits a dropkick.

Christi is cheering on the outside and Jay is down and Eby starts instantly taking shots at Jay Rob for a few seconds until Jay had hit Eby is a monekeyflip as both men are down until Jay quickly gets up and hits Eby with a senton.

Jay then hits a dropkick to Eby who was just getting up and Eby flies through the second rop and he is down. He does quickly get up and Jay runs to the top rope and hits a cross body on to the ground and he hitd Eby as both men are down as we go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

We are back and both men are fighting on the outside of the ring and Jay hits Eby's head on to the commentary table and he throws Eby back into the ring.

Jay rolls in and he runs for an axe kick but Eby rolls outside of the ring and Christi starts yelling at the referee, then out of the crowd, Andrea Claire runs in and takes out Christi Lott.

Jay looks confused in the ring as the referee is separating Christi and Andrea as Sterling has the ring bell and hits Jay Rob with it from behind.

Jay is down as Sterling picks up a knocked out Jay and hits a Moonlight Drive. The referee is back in the ring as Andrea and Christi are separated to the back and Eby pins Jay Rob for the three count.

(R.A.) Here is your winner and the new #1 contender for the WWE Championship at Judgment Day, Sterling Eby.

Eby celebrates in the ring and walks to the back with more heat then ever before. The light slightly goes black, but Eby just ignores it.

(Commercial Break)

We are back to a Daris Brown promo video and is said to debut next week.

(R.A.) This match is scheduled for one fall and it is an an "Ain't No Stoppin' Me" Open challenge and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first the WWE Champion, AkD!

AkD comes out to a standing ovation as he holds the WWE Championship.

(R.A.) And his opponent the newest free agent signing of Smackdown, the only professional boxer to switch to pro wrestling, the one, the only, John Louie Ramos!

John comes out wearing some boxing gear and comes out to a massive pop as the commentators are speechless.

Louie walks into the ring and shakes AkD's hand. The referee holds up the belt and this match is under way after this commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

(C#1) Wow! I still cannot believe we are seeing that John Louie has converted his style to pro wrestling.

(C#2) I'm in utter shock, but we still haven't seen him fight.

John quickly starts the match with a few jabs to AkD and he throws a few more uppercuts to AkD. AkD falls as John taunts in the ring. He then picks up AkD and throws a few more punches until AkD hits a dropkick and both men are down.

They both get up at a 5 count and John hits a dropkick of his own and both men are down again. AkD quickly gets up and now hits a kick to the mid section and he goes for a scissors kicks, but John counters with a jiu-jitsu kick.

He then hits a punch to AkD's skull and John Louie is in control. He then throws AkD into the corner, but AkD hits some kicks in the turnbuckle.

AkD then hits an Irish whip on and when Louie comes back, AkD hits the Paydirt. He goes for the pin until the lights go out.

A video is shown on the titantron. A voice comes out on the screen.

(?) AkD, I want your WWE Championship. It is my destiny and I will do anything to get my gold. Good night and see you next week.

The lights come back up as AkD id knocked out on the ground as John Louie is also still down after the Paydirt. This concludes this week's Smackdown.

The next page are the rosters.

Heels on SD!

  • Jev Thorpe
  • ?
  • Dub Sizzle
  • Sterling Eby
  • Christi Lott
  • M
  • Dozer
  • Blue Chip
  • Daris Brown

Faces on SD!

  • AkD
  • John Louis Ramos
  • Kevin Canny
  • Jay Rob the Legacy Kid
  • Dan Telek
  • Andrea Claire
  • Ron Johnson
  • Tim List
  • Jared Farver
  • Demetrus Stokes

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